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Thursday, June 16, 2016
It's been almost two week since I last blogged, but I do have a very good reason for that... We moved into our new home on the 3rd of June, our household goods arrived on June 9th, and we've since been organizing and getting everything squared away before Justin has to sign in from his PCS leave. I have to admit, that date is creeping up on us and I am so not looking forward to losing the normalcy we've had for well over a month now. I mean, I knew he'd have to go back to work eventually.. I'm just sad that our time seems to fly by so quickly when he has vacation time. Anywho, so let's see what we've been up to lately. Ava bug got her first big girl set delivered on the same day we moved in. She is in love. Her room theme is frozen.. her choice (we really thought she would pick Minnie Mouse), and it looks so fantastic. We also got our new family table delivered on the same day we moved in, so nostalgic for us! Justin's dad has the same type of six seater wooden table.. and it's just perfect for large families (or growing families in our case). 

We had to order our own refrigerator, but I'm so glad that we did! That arrived on June 6th, and then it seems as if the next week just flew right on by. We unpacked all of our things in less than 48 hours, we had the movers return to collect all the empty boxes and trash, and then we had the garbage company do another drive by our house to collect any excess trash that the moving company could not take. We've been spending our days trying to give the girls normalcy, but we have ventured out toward Dallas, Fort Worth, and other surrounding areas near our new home. Being on the road for almost a week didn't really do too much harm to Ava or her resiliency, but poor Livy bean has shown that being in the car is the last thing she wants to do. She's gotten so much better these past few days, but she still would very much prefer to be at home playing with her toys. Speaking of, Olivia has her nursery set up! I absolutely loved being able to have another baby nursery in our home. 

Her theme colors are coral, white, and mint. She has a faux lambskin rug to accent, and all of her furniture are cherry wood colored. I can't wait to watch my babies grow in this house..especially since we'll be here for the next three years. I can't believe it. I can't believe that we live in Texas... again! We are making this home an incredibly place already. I am so excited. Oh, Justin also got some fun new goodies for the new house as well. He gave his old grill to a former soldier so naturally he got himself a charcoal grill! He also got a weed wacker, A CAR, and a man cave complete with a brand new 55 inch television. Yes this man is well loved and taken care of. 

Here's a short video I put together since we got into our new home!

♥- Leilani

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