Olivia: 5 months old

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
It's true what they say... don't blink. I now have a five month old Livy bean... can you believe it? We are finally getting into the most familiar stages of infancy (for me, anyways) and it is so exciting. Olivia puts allll the things in her mouth, she can sit unassisted for more than five seconds, and she has the cutest giggle (someone found their sense of humor). She does tummy time pretty much every waking hour and she now sits with her chest puffed out like she's holding herself up with her arms. We call them baby pushups! She's also started to ROCK as of last night!! I think we very well may have a crawler on our hands!! She is so incredibly strong. When we sit down for dinner, we sit her in the bumbo and she literally drag the GLASS fruit bowl close to her so she can try and pick up an orange or banana. She swivels her body around in the bumbo, so we have to keep eyes on her at all times.

Clothes: Olivia is currently in 6 month clothing, but she very well may be in 9 months before the end of June. Even a lot of 6-9 month clothing fit her. The cool thing is that we've still been able to utilize pretty much all of the clothes that Ava had for this age. Texas is so much more hot, but indoors it feels like 67 degrees pretty much at all times. I'm thankful that we haven't had to throw so much money into clothing with our Livy Bean. I've actually been trying to shy away from using the traditional girly colors when I dress her. Her eyes are blue, so anything green, yellow, or baby blue have been kind of my go-to's lately. 

Health: I found a PEDS clinic for both girls once we arrived in Texas, so I will be scheduling her six month well baby this week. Otherwise, Olivia is completely healthy. She's only had one cold in five months and she's thriving. We are blessed.

Feeding: We are still exclusively nursing! I haven't touched a breast pump at all, she's never had anything other than breastmilk.. I'm so thankful that my supply fits the nourishment needs of my sweet, growing girl. We will be starting solids next month (I still can't believe it) but other than that, no rice cereals (we didn't use rice cereal with Ava either) no juice, and no other forms of nourishment other than what we whip up in the kitchen + breastmilk. 

Sleep: Miss Olivia has still proven to be an amazing sleeper, and this mama bear is so incredibly grateful. She sleeps so much more soundly if she's on her daddy's chest during the day, but since vacation is almost over... those naps will only happen on the weekends. Even still, her naps during the day can last anywhere from 30 minutes - 2 hours depending on where she's sleeping. At night, she's like clockwork. Out at 730pm and I don't usually wake to her wanting to nurse until about 5am or so? We still co-sleep almost always, but I'll be trying out the bassinet and crib in the coming weeks to see if Olivia's naps can be more peaceful in her own space. Granted, the bassinet is right beside my bed, but we recently set up a nursery in the new house and I'm eager to see if she'll like it.

Milestones: I sort of spilled the beans on the milestone at the beginning of this blog, but here goes nothing, again. She's scooting (has been for a few weeks), she has found her infectious baby laugh, she's rocking back and forth (signs of crawling), she can push herself up on her arms like in a push up position, and she can hold pretty much anything she wants in her sweet hands. Focus is still completely incredible, responds and glances at you when you say Olivia, Livy Bean, Sweet baby. So many HUGE milestones this month. We will also be bringing out the high chair for the first time here shortly! I can't wait to get Olivia acquainted with utensils, her new seat at the table, and her first foods! 

Things You Love: You LOVE interacting with your big sister. I mean, we've been saying this for awhile... but it is so unbelievably true. Whenever Ava is around, you are smiling. When she talks to you, you coo + laugh hysterically. Ava loves you and you love pulling big sissy's hair. You love her kisses and you often give her slobbery kisses of your own. You love your floor time and your baby Einstein toy that recently found it's way into our home. You love being close to daddy and you seriously just melt into your father's arms when you are tired. You love when mommy plays peek-a-boo with you and you love when mama tickles your sweet baby feet. You also love sucking on your little piggy toes (should have probably included that in the milestone section) almost every chance you get.

We love you so much Olivia Rose. So thankful for your continued growth and good health! 

♥- Leilani

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