Potty Training: Ava's all done

Friday, June 24, 2016
It wasn't until this very moment that I felt confident saying that my daughter is now a potty trained preschooler! We have been working with potty training actively for about 8 months or so? Maybe a little longer? We introduced the "big girl potty" when Ava was just over a year. Our goal was to introduce the potty early on to ease her into it, give her comfort, and make sure she saw it on a routinely basis. I never wanted to "make" her ready before she was ready though. 

I think Justin and I both have always been the kind of parents that want their children to show them that they are ready to tackle something new. Ava is very much so that way and she thrives when she can go her own pace in any milestone. There were a couple of times prior to now that we thought she was potty trained but after Olivia was born, Ava regressed MAJORLY. 

She only wanted diapers, she didn't want to be a "big girl" anymore... we know that was in large part to a new baby joining our family and that was one of the ways Ava was coping with change. We had to be okay with that and made plans to actively start trying to potty train again once we got to our new home in Texas because we had so much crazy change going on the last couple of months in Washington. The goal was to be consistent + settled, but road trips don't really allow for that. Luckily we didn't have to actively try anything because in this new house, Ava has only wanted to potty on the big girl potty. She hates diapers and if we pull one out she tells us no.

And here we are. We let her show us she was ready and she is! 

If I had to give advice and share what we used/did... these are the things I would share. 


--->Definitely grab some sort of potty, whether that be a seat for your own toilet, or a smaller potty that is toddler sized. We actually have both but Ava has been preferring her Princess Potty Step Stool

--->That brings me to my second item, a step stool. We started giving the bathroom much more attention and in order to do that Ava needed to reach things. Teeth brushing, toilet flushing, and washing her hands are all things she was able to do because of the stool. The cool thing about the princess potty step stool is that Ava uses it as a step stool to get on the toilet we use. It's nice because she doesn't need assistance getting on or off. 

--->Praise! We never did a sticker system or rewards for using the bathroom, but we definitely jumped for joy each time she used the potty successful. Ava absolutely LOVES alll the words of affirmation and she loves receiving praise from mom and dad. That was enough for her to continue her success on the toilet. 

--->Patience. It doesn't happen over night. It's not something you can force your kiddo to do. If they say they aren't ready or they show signs of not being ready, let it be. I can't stress this enough. 

--->Undies. Ava picked out her favorite character undies and although she prefers to be nakey at home (she does wear a princess dress or nightgown), doc mcstuffins + minnie mouse are her preferred undies. We found that (in the beginning of our potty training days) Ava saw underwear as a means of being able to pee.. it didn't register with her that she needed to use the potty until we took away diapers and undies.

AT NIGHT: Because accidents do happen, we utilize the Cinderella pull ups (night time version). Surprisingly, Ava does not like to pee on Cinderella.. her words, not mine. This is a precautionary, that i feel like we'll stop using here in the next few weeks.

ON THE GO: Undies are utilized and because germs are everywhere, especially public toilets, we use Sofia the first on the go potty toppers. Almost each public restroom we've come across in Texas does not have the protective toilet toppers, so these are a must for sure. When we are at a shopping mall, there is always a family bathroom with a toddler sized toilet. That's great for Ava for sure.

I really hope our journey helps another family with theirs! This was a huge milestone.

♥- Leilani

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