North Texas, so far

Monday, June 27, 2016
I have to admit, I'm surprised that Texas has grown on me so quickly. I fully expected to be full fledged homesick for a good while. There's just something about people dishing out friendly greetings everywhere you go, waking up to the sunshine every single day, and living in a house that already feels like home... all of those things have made the transition just a little bit easier. I often think of all the future "first" memories we will have while we are here as well. Olivia will start eating actual food here, walking, talking... we'll be trying for a third little baby.. Ava will start kindergarten while we are here. So many great memories that will belong to our time here in Texas. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. The now is pretty great too. We live in such a beautiful area. Quite, friendly, and in a cul de sac. Reminds me of my childhood days. Ava has consumed her weight in water melon, we've been bbqing every week, and I think we have met all of our surrounding neighbors as of now. I wanted to make a list of things that are so great about this area, and things that I'm not particularly fond of so far. I think it'll be interesting to compare this list to the list I write when we leave. Here goes nothing!


- The house we chose. Hands down the biggest pro of all. Under 10 min away from Justin's job, 5 minutes away from major shopping centers, but also far enough out that you don't hear the sound of any city at night. Best of both worlds.

- The cost of living is SO much cheaper than we are used to. Justin paid $1.89 a gallon when he went to get gas the other day. How glorious that was! We are going to be able to save a good bit while we are here and that feels fantastic!

- There are still a ton of things to do here that are geared towards families (just like Washington). Aquariums, museums, botanical gardens.. I'm excited that we aren't sacrificing "fun" stuff due to location.


- It is stifling hot by 10am every single day. Granted, I know it's summer time.. but this PNW gal is just not ready for this type of weather (a plus to this con is that we have/are enrolling Ava into allll the preschool classes we can. The heat isn't an excuse not to help our girl flourish in the best way we can).

- BUGS. Good Lord are there bugs here. Geckos, random bunnies in our backyard, and nasty flies that swarm in by the dozen (a plus to this con is that we hired a pest control company that comes out quarterly). One night I thought I heard rainfall on our bathroom window.. turns out it was ALL the bugs smacking into it because of the attraction to the bathroom light.

- Immunizations. Ugh. I got so annoyed because a lot of the practices here won't accept new patients unless they are vaccinating their child with EVERY single vaccine on the scheduled preference.This wouldn't be a con for some, but it is for us. We do delayed vaccinations + we skip rotavirus all together ( a plus here, I did find a practice that doesn't have a policy about vaccs, so lets hope we love it).

All in all I'd say that pretty much wraps up how we feel about Texas so far. Justin started his new job today.. only to find out that he will have the next 10 days off! I definitely am not complaining about spending more time with my lovey, but it is nice to be settled in ready to start up our new normal!

♥- Leilani

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