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Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Pictures have always been pretty important to me but it wasn't until I lost my mom this past March that I realized just how imperative they were. Looking at photographs has been a huge part of my healing process. A photo in your hand allows for you to recall the very moments that were captured for one brief second in time. There is nothing like being able to cling to a tangible photo that can go with you anywhere. That being said, the generation we live in doesn't really encourage us to print our photos. We have replaced prints with digital files, cell phone images, and uploads to social media sites. While I do love being able to share with our family and friends, I also love being able to preserve for my children and their children and their children. It's important that we remember to leave traces of our mark on the world behind. 

I stumbled across an application for my iPhone this week and I think I am already in love. It is an app that allows you to print FREE 4X6 images, directly from your cellular device. That's right. You can pick and choose photos right from you phone, even your social media accounts and have them printed for free. The catch? You are required to pay for shipping (for me the shipping price was under $8). I also love that there are no subscription requirements to utilize their services. Normally, I'd print my photos through a professional lab, but I'd much rather have a permanent copy of my pictures than a digital file that cannot be saved in the same guaranteed manner. You are allowed to print up to 85 images a month for free AND I believe it's 1000 images per year? I just placed my first order yesterday and I got a notification today that it has already shipped. I should be receiving them in the next few days! 

Below is a screenshot from the application set up. I love how organized the app is and how accessible it was for me. I plan on spending the next few months filtering the photos I don't have prints of (pending the first run of photos are decent) and using this service to print them out. There are so many mobile uploads I've posted on social media from when Ava was just a little babe. I am so giddy that I will have those moments to look back on and cherish. If you are interested in downloading this application and printing your own free photos, make sure you use my invite code: lhowland9.

♥- Leilani

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