Chicago Midway Airport

Sunday, October 9, 2016
The Chicago Midway Airport is probably one of my favorite layover airports. We are familiar with this airport, it's never overcrowded when we are there, and it is so easy to find your way around. Once we got off the plane from Dallas, we got ourselves into a luggage carrier, picked up some lunch, and made our way to our next gate. We had enough time to use the restroom, get the girls changed/fed, and even watch a little bit of Ava's Frozen movie. I loved the timing of the layover + flight departures with this trip. It allowed us all to be comfortable at almost all times. We ended up boarding our next flight a little over an hour and a half after we arrived in Chicago. The flight from Chicago to New York was so incredibly pleasant. It was also less than two hours in the air, Olivia slept on the flight, AND SO DID EVERYONE ELSE. It was completely glorious to wake up to just a few minutes left in our flight time. 

Albany airport is so small, so baggage claim was a complete breeze. Justin stood in line for the car rental and we loaded it up shortly after. I honestly loved being able to rent a car from the airport. We were on our own time and we didn't leave anyone waiting. We were also able to surprise Justin's Nana when we pulled into her driveway. Overall flying was so much easier with two littles in tow than I ever expected. We utilized Southwest airlines and we will continue to do so in the future for our travel needs. 

♥- Leilani

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