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Saturday, October 8, 2016
Our first time traveling as a family of four was one for the books! I was so nervous about the process, the flying, and being able to get comfortable with both girls in the air.. to my surprise, everything went great! Our flight was scheduled to take off at around 830 am and we arrived at the airport closer to 7am. We are so incredibly lucky that Justin's recruiting co-worker was able to give us a lift so we didn't have to pay a daily fee for our car to be parked at the airport. Once we got into the airport, I think this is the first and last set of anxiousness Justin and I both had. We had SO much stuff with us (two bebes, two carseats, 2 carry on luggage bags, one camera bag, one diaper bag, and two large luggage bags to be checked)!

We weren't able to use our print off boarding passes (at least for me and Olivia) because when you have a lap infant, you always have to go up to a representative to have them print out your boarding pass. We also had to show proof of id for us and the baby, including her immunization records. This required us to stand in the longest line... Once we made our way through the line for checking baggage, printing off boarding tickets, and our load not being quite as heavy - we were golden. The TSA lines were not terrible, though they did require us to wait a little bit. Ava was so adamant about pulling her own ballerina luggage bag, so the pace she had was that of a slug on the way to the line. 

I loved that going through TSA doesn't require your children to take off their shoes, it doesn't require you to stop baby wearing your infants, and they didn't take forever to sift through our baby gear/food/bag. Once our entire family made it through TSA, we were golden. I believe we had almost 20 full minutes before the plane started boarding to use the restroom and to get some breakfast. We were able to do both and before we knew it, it was time to board. Can I just say how much I love Southwest and their seating policy? Definitely a different experience than we had the last time we flew with this airline. Family boarding comes after the "A" list boarding members, so we were able to snag really great seats. 

I sat next to the window, Ava sat in the middle, Justin sat on the isle. I nursed Olivia during take off and she fell right asleep. I also fell asleep, but while we were snoozing - Justin and Ava were chatting up a storm and coloring. The flight to Chicago was less than two hours long, so we weren't in the air for very long at all. We knew we had one more flight to go before NY, so we crossed our fingers for the best! 

♥- Leilani

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