Tuesday, December 25, 2018

We actually pulled it off. The kids had a fantastic Christmas and we couldn’t feel more blessed OR relieved. That being said, I would never, ever, suggest PCSING the month of a major holiday (especially Christmas) and then hopping on a plane to Vegas for a wedding before having your household goods delivered. I know we totally could have stayed in Texas until after the hustle of the holidays but we didn’t want that… and if I’m being honest, if we had to do it all over again - we would do it the same way. I know there is no way I would have wanted to miss my best friend’s wedding either. We smooshed letters to Santa, visiting Santa, winter wonderlands, zoo lights, cookies, gingerbread houses, and so much more into the middle of unpacking an entire 10,000 pounds of our household (we were box free in 7 days, I might add). Justin and I spent Christmas Eve watching all of our favorite Christmas shows and singing carols that the girls love. We wrapped TOO many presents when the girls went down and placed them under the tree late that night.

Watching the kids Christmas morning was worth every single moment of stress or worry. They had such a magical season with our little family and extended family as well. I didn’t cook for Christmas this year, I think that's the only thing that felt weird. We ended up with lots of extended family and the girls got to run around, eat good food, and bond with SO many of their cousins. My kids are the babies of our family in Washington State, so I absolutely loved watching the new connections they made with their Ohana. It felt so good to laugh, be surrounded by loved ones, and just resonate in that Christmas spirit. That is the whole reason why I wanted to move back home. I wanted that blanket of love that only your family can provide. I really hope the kids become familiar with that feeling within our family and extended family as well.

As much as I was hoping we’d get a white Christmas, we did not get a white Christmas this year. In light of that, we plan on taking the kids up to the mountain for a day of snowball fights and hot chocolate sometime this week. I can hardly wait. Mt. Rainier is such a special place and we haven’t gone in four years. With Christmas coming to a close, my mind is completely set on moving into the new year. I cannot wait to celebrate New Years and ring in 2019. Justin and I will be celebrating eight years of marriage next month, Olivia turning three, and we get to do all of this celebrating in my favorite state! Here’s to more experiences, lots of love, and amazing connections. This season has been so good to our family. I feel so dang blessed!

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