Liam Arthur: Nine Months Old

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Liam has made some leaps and bounds in the growth department here lately. I’m not sure if its the hustle and bustle of our lives right now, the fact that he just moved 1600 miles West, or if I’m just extremely dramatic and this would have happened all along - but my boy has been hitting major milestones here lately, all at once. LIAM IS CRAWLING, HE IS SITTING UP ON HIS OWN, AND HE ON THE MOVE. Seriously, guys. He is all over the place and it makes my mama heart so dang proud! His belly flopping is also pretty cute. Lamby is the first babe we’ve had that has ever done this and it is quite cute.

Clothes: Liam is still in 18-24 month clothing. His current mobility skills have likely created a lag in the chunk department (totally normal). I love seeing him wear flannels, beanies, and vests. The weather here in Washington is about 45ish degrees on average, maybe a little warmer than that but still cold enough to keep our little boy bundled. I’ve sort of stopped using onesies and shifted towards outfits for the most part. We love his footy pajamas and I’ve taken a liking to button down collar shirts indefinitely.

Health: Liam is in perfect health! You would think that after a cross country move, a trip to Vegas (through the icky airports), and the constant running around we’ve done this month that a cold at the very least would have shown up… but nothing. #breastmilkisgolden We are watching our boy hit all of his milestones and that has been fantastic. He’s growing so dang well and his ten month well baby is already scheduled with his new Washington pediatrician. Our boy also has three point five teeth (second top tooth just cut) and teething has been a little harder with our boy.

Feeding: I have sort of stopped offering solids for right now. Liam literally has very little interest in solid foods and we are okay with that. He nurses on demand and most times I will try to offer a bit of something while we are at the table but other than that, I don’t push it. I am a firm believer that each child is different and because of that, there will never be one set way to care for them. Feeding is definitely apart of that.

Sleep: LIAM IS STILL AN AMAZING SLEEPER. That makes us three for three with amazing sleepers. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! He still sleeps through the night and he goes down for his naps as normal. I’m dreading a potential sleep regression here soon, but let us hope we avoid that all together fingers crossed.

Milestones: The baby babbling has been happening SO much more lately. Liam says “Ma ma” more than he says “da da” which of course, I love. He says “Nana” from time to time and just takes up an absolute storm with his baby babble. We love it. Watching my sweet boy play with toys has been a real treat. He sees something, he goes after it, and he plays with it… sometimes he finds his way to his sisters and plays with them (that is the sweetest thing ever).

Things You Like: MUSIC. Hands down. Music is the one full proof way to get our son to soothe. He has a select playlist that he prefers and anything outside of that isn’t very helpful. Liam loves when his sisters are being silly. His baby laugh is everything and he smile will make your heart melt. He still loves to co-sleep with his mama and papa, showers with mama, and being baby worn ALL THE TIME. He is absolutely a mama’s boy and he will reach and grab for me whenever he’s not in my arms. He loves when I sing, “You are my sunshine” to him.

This past month has been a hectic one, but it hasn’t slowed down my little baby love one bit. We are so incredibly blessed. So, blessed.

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