Grand Canyon

Saturday, December 1, 2018

It took about 15+ hours to get to the Grand Canyon and boy was it an experience.

My dad and Justin started driving at around 1 or 2 am? I can’t remember. I ended up falling asleep myself, but I do know that it was the early morning hours and it was super dark outside when Justin checked out of the hotel. After being in the car for a bit, I heard a big bang and it felt like something hit the side of my mom wagon SUPER hard. Apparently it was a tumbleweed and I guess in my mind it didn’t seem like that big of a deal… until we stopped for gas and I saw that one of my pillars from the driver’s door was missing. I could not believe it. There was as tumbleweed stuck in my grill, too. I had no idea that a tumbleweed could cause that much damage, but I stand corrected.

We didn’t stop again for a few more hours and once the girls woke up we stopped for breakfast at a Denny’s. We took way too much time to eat, use the restroom, etc… because we ended up adding almost an entire hour to our arrival time. My dad tried driving the mom wagon for a few hours and after being swayed by the wind way more than he would’ve liked and the constant rebellion from the girls regarding shows in the car vs. “the oldies” radio station their Opa was playing, Justin ended up back in the mom wagon in no time. We did a driver switch at a rest stop and it was the first time i’d read a sign that warned about snakes in the bathroom. YIKES!

The kids did pretty fantastic during this long haul of a drive. Ava spent most of her time coloring playing with dolls, and asking her dad how much longer we had until we were in Washington. Olivia watched shows, colored for like 2.5, and sang some of her favorite songs. Liam NURSED and slept for the most part. It was glorious.

The views of New Mexico and Arizona were pretty uneventful for me. It was better than the flat atmosphere of Texas, but nothing compared to the mountains of the PNW. We didn’t arrive at our hotel until about 430ish or so? Maybe a little later? And I was pretty unimpressed with the Best Western. The room smelled like smoke and it was so outdated. We ended up calling the front desk and talking to the manager who then upgraded us to their king suite for the night. The king suite was nice and definitely gave us some space separate from my dad and vice versa. On top of the room incident, we ended up dining in their on site restaurant and spending over $150 for sub par food. Ugh. I hate that inflation occurs because of the location and convenience. The highlight of the night was being in the snowfall. The next morning MY KIDS GOT TO PLAY IN SNOW and they loved it! I had no idea that the Grand Canyon would be covered in snow (South Rim Entrance) and that was an unexpected element.

Justin banged my mom wagon into a snow back (story of the trip) shortly after we entered the park, I fell and cut my knee pretty bad, and Ava was crying hysterically about her dislike for being cold in snow… but all in all, it was an experience we’d never had before. The Grand Canyon was breathtaking.. I have never seen anything like it and I’m glad I got to share that experience with Justin and the kids.

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