Its been a week

Friday, November 30, 2018

I’m going to try and cram the last week of my life into this single blog, brace yourself! This last week has been complete madness. Three days of having our household goods packed/loaded, two nights of a family of FIVE sleeping on ONE air mattress, and a rushed, but emotional farewell to the city that has treated us like gold since we first arrived. The movers arrived on Monday to start packing up the house and they didn’t really disappoint. We were pleased with the crew we had and they were quick with their packing skills. They did forget a certain size box they needed to pack up wardrobes, I think? So they knew they’d be back out on Tuesday to finish the job. It only bothered me a little because we’ve never had movers take the two full days to pack our things. Normally it takes a full day of packing and a full day of loading, but I digress.

Tuesday two of the three movers that came the day before came out again to finish the job. I wasn’t as pleased this time around. One of them wanted to leave without tagging everything and another just randomly didn’t pack certain things in the garage/backyard/office space. I don’t know if he just assumed they were furniture items (that is the driver’s job to tag/load), but regardless, I was annoyed. I kept my cool while they were there and requested tagged/put together boxes so I could finish packing myself. And thats exactly what I did. I really shouldn’t complain to be honest. I actually like handling my own stuff and the Army is paying for this move entirely.. yet still, I just appreciate when people do their job correctly.

Wednesday the loaders came along with the driver and the driver works for the same company as the movers. That was a bonus. We knew that everything would be in house. One of the movers from earlier in the week was there as well. So we saw him all three day and Olivia grew so dang close to him. He was great with kids and that is always appreciated. Anyways, the driver pulled up a little after 830am with a dang U-haul truck. I was expecting a tractor trailer, this was definitely a first. Apparently, his tractor trailer broke down and another driver was bringing him a new one all the way from Missouri. So basically he was going to pack our things to be transferred to the working tractor trailer later. Except the U-haul didn’t fit all of our things… so they had to call the moving company, who then had to send another driver with a truck to finish the job. YIKES! All I felt was absolute panic.

I didn’t like the idea of our things being separated. Wouldn’t that just increase the chances of part of our shipment getting lost? The driver gave us other options, but you know, after Justin and I talked.. we just decided to be positive and go with the flow. Let’s hope that decision doesn’t come back to bite us. They finished loading all of our things Wednesday and we spent that night and Thursday night in our empty home with just each other. Prior to leaving, we said our goodbyes to our Texas friends, Ava’s school (SUPER EMOTIONAL), and the house we’ve called our home for the last two and a half years.

Moving is never easy, but this move got me right in the feels. And you know whats bittersweet? I’m moving back home. My dad flew in this afternoon and the kids couldn’t be more excited. They love their Opa and have made sure to keep him busy. My dad helped us clean the rest of the house, load up the cars, and get the kids ready for dinner. All three babies have been asleep since about 730 or so and when they wake up they will be in Arizona. More specifically, The grand canyon.

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