I'm Still Here

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hi, friends! It has truthfully been such a long time since I've been on here.

Between shifting blogging platforms (again), the busy-ness that is having three kids while trying to finish up a degree, and finding sanity between solid together time with my husband... we've got a lot on our plate, like always. I have really missed being able to connect with some of my favorite mamas + papas, so here's hoping the hiatus is over and the content shows up on a more consistent basis. So, a few things:

I am officially 28 years old. That's just bananas to me... I started this blog when I was 21. Let's let that sink in for a moment. The only major change I've seen with myself so far is that I seem to have taken a liking to household appliances. I remember not so long ago I loathed the idea of Justin buying me a household appliance (circa 2011, I'll have to write this out sometime)... and now, I'm beyond grateful because each gadget has made my life easier, tenfold. The Roomba and Instant Pot are seriously godsent and I couldn't do all that I do in this house each day without them. I get to spend more time with my family and less time worrying about meals and cleaning and that is seriously the dream!

I graduate with my first bachelor's degree this summer! I never really talk about school nearly as much as I'd like more so because I think I'm embarrassed. I put my education on the back burner and I've felt like I'm "too old" to celebrate myself and this milestone. I know that seems silly, right? But I'm just keeping it real. My life has been anything but in order and even though I wouldn't change a thing, a small part of me still tends to shy away of sharing successes that I "should have" accomplished years ago.

I'm almost positive that I'd like to try marriage counseling this year with my husband. I know you are reading that and likely thinking, "is there trouble in paradise?!" The long and short answer is NO. Take a breath, we are so good over here. Lately, I am constantly being reminded that taking time to nourish, recharge, and energize my marriage comes in all forms of resources. We managed to successfully pass on by the seven-year itch and as we navigate year eight, I want to learn how to communicate more effectively than I do now. I constantly strive to be the best version of myself for of course myself, but also for my kids and the man I married as well. Side note - I wish the stigma with counseling wasn't there. I know so many folks that have deemed counseling as a means of fixing something that is wrong...but that's not the case. All relationships can benefit from counseling (not just intimate ones) and it is absolutely important to me to stay aware of any and all relationship education.

The example I saw said to imagine a counselor as a fitness trainer for your mind. GAME. CHANGER. I really hope this is something Justin and I are able to tackle this year.

Our Washington bucket list is a go and we kicked things off last weekend with a trip to Northwest Trek with the kids. Ava absolutely loves the outdoors, animals, and the evergreen sceneries that the PNW provides. Olivia is in a phase where she basically loves everything her big sister does - so that makes it a win for her too. Liam has spent so much time outdoors getting fresh air in this Spring weather... our time back home has been wonderful. Each weekend we are going to pull a new destination for our family to take and I'm so stoked for our trip this weekend!

I fully intend to update you guys a lot more than I have been and I hope you enjoyed catching up just a little bit. Please feel free to say hello in the comments below, email, Instagram, whichever your preference - I absolutely love to hear from you!

Have the best Wednesday, friends!

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