Liam Arthur: One Year Old

Friday, March 8, 2019
The day has finally arrived. My sweet, sweet little boy is one year old today.
Before I began to write this, I took a deep breath, I let it all out, and I let myself have a good cry. It seems unreal that just one year ago I was beside myself with worry and uncertainty, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my son. My midwife thought for sure Liam would arrive before lunchtime, but like all our Howland babies, we were on baby’s time. He was fashionably late and arrived minutes before 9pm - I guess he showed our midwife who was really in charge. I keep thinking back on the moment I first laid eyes on him. Instant tears. I knew at that moment that my heart would never be the same. I had this instant space designated for Liam with all the love I could possibly give. It is crazy how quickly our love can multiply when you are talking about the love you have for your children.
Clothes: Liam is currently in 18-month clothing. For most of his infancy, he would outgrow clothes so quickly but we've finally reached the size that we are pretty confident that he'll stay in for a while. Sleepers have been our go-to lately (for everything during the recent snow storms) and they don't deter him from his daily activities, even if the feet do have a little growing room. I do think by August he'll have graduated to 24-month clothing, but we will see.
Health: I am forever grateful for the continued good health my son is in. He does have a bit of a cold on his first birthday but I know the extra snuggles and sleeps will do him a lot of good (it also snowed today. Who would have imagined snow in March for out Texas-born babe’s first birthday). The eczema continues to come in waves and I'm really hoping at the next well baby that we can try something a little more assertive to give our little guy relief. Liam doesn’t break out everywhere, but when he does have a breakout those red, dry patches look completely bothersome.

Feeding: Table food is a complete go! Anything we eat, we try to let Liam try as well. So far he has taken a liking to cheerios. spaghetti noodles, and chicken. We’ve tried eggs, cut up fruit, and cut up veggies (not the biggest fan) and we will continue to offer a variety of new foods now that the restrictions aren’t as heavy for our toddler (SO WEIRD TYPING THAT). I also introduced organic whole milk which Liam seemed to sort of like. I’m curious to see if using big boy cups will aid in his milk conquests. We will see!
Sleep: LIAM IS STILL AN AMAZING SLEEPER. That makes us three for three with amazing sleepers. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! He still sleeps through the night and he goes down for his naps as normal. This boy has been sleeping longer during car rides too. I mean, he always kind of has, but now it's just this instant sort of thing as soon as the car is moving. Car trips are pretty awesome now. Liam still sleeps best when he's cuddled with daddy or mommy and we love it.
Milestones: Liam is waving, high fivin’, giving kisses, and talking SO much. He continues to stand up on all the things and boldly lets go from time to time. He crawl everywhere, has absolutely no fear when it comes to our roomba, and constantly tries to topple off of the furniture when mama and/or daddy are holding him. Liam is dancing, like booty-shakin’ dancing to his favorite jams like all the time, each and every single day. He’s graduated to big boy cups, which is a pretty big deal for any new toddler…. and our sweet boy is now cutting teeth 7 and 8.
Things You Like: MUSIC. Hands down. Music is the one full proof way to get our son to soothe. He has a select playlist that he prefers and anything outside of that isn’t very helpful. Liam loves when his sisters are being silly. His baby laugh is everything and he smile will make your heart melt. He still loves to co-sleep with his mama and papa, showers with mama, and being baby worn ALL THE TIME. He is absolutely a mama’s boy and he will reach and grab for me whenever he’s not in my arms. Not much as changed with his lists of likes this past month and I’m totally okay with that.

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