Friday, October 4, 2019
I didn't expect to be writing about fractures again, well at least not this soon.

 Last week, after I picked Ava up from school, my child slammed her right hand pinky finger in our SUV door. I was on the other side of the car, getting Liam out of his carseat, and the next thing I hear is a LOUD scream from Ava. I almost immediately knew what happened. I ran to her side of the car and she was sort of holding her hand with her other hand. I could see her pinky finger, loose skin hanging from the sides, not bleeding but certainly wounded. I ushered her through the garage and asked Olivia to get an ice pack. I didn't really think it was broken, initially -- her finger wasn't swollen and she still had mobility. I suppose that's why I didn't take her in to the ER or urgent car that night.We checked her pinky again in the morning, and still -- it looked okay. Ava felt better and she said her finger didn't hurt anymore. 
After school (24 hours after the initial slam), I could tell her finger was looking puffy and my mama instincts kicked in. I phoned Justin at work and let him know that we needed to take Ava into her primary care doctor or urgent care. He came home from work and that is what we did. Side note ** Can I just say how much I love our urgent care nearest our home? For real. If you recall our sickness plague from last spring, than you know why. We were a walk in and were still taken back to an exam room less than twenty minutes after our arrival. They have so many services available at this urgent care facility, so I knew we wouldn't have to wait for an X-Ray tech to show up. Our trip was a total of two hours long and that was with X-Rays being done, assessing her Salter fractures, and finding a splint that best fit her tiny finger. We were to follow up with pediatric orthopedics the following day and going home that night I felt a little stressed but also relieved that we'd soon have a plan of action to get Ava's finger on the mend. I kept thinking about Ava's activities and how a broken finger would interfere with that. She's in art club, she's in swim lessons, and she starts basketball at the end of October. Would she still be able to do all the extra activities she loves? Or, would we have to watch our girl on the sidelines, disappointed because she could not participate? And because we've already had a little one with a fractured finger (the same finger on the same hand to be exact), I panicked about the potential surgery and potential cast Ava might need. Would we have to emotionally prepare ourselves for general anesthesia for another child? Would we have to pull Ava out of school for a bit? I'm a stressor by nature and all of these questions circulated my brain the entire weekend. Liam had his 18 month well baby on Monday (the same day as Ava's ortho appointment) so Justin actually took Ava while I was with Liam. I got texts and pictures of their plan of action -- end result was a cast for three weeks. Thankfully, the cast is waterproof so Ava can still swim, and they left her thumb free to give her mobility to try to write and eat. The cast has taken some adjustment, naturally, but she's been a rockstar. She's still writing on her school papers, she is eating with little difficulty, and the cast isn't bothering her at night. I think the worst part for Ava is when we get soap in her cast during showers. She needs extra help and because I don't want it to get all fungus-y like in there, I 'm trying to clean it out the best I can. I do keep a blow dryer on hand to leave it feeling less "slimy" as Ava would put. We are four days in and I just know these next few weeks are going to fly by... but, if they don't. Think good thoughts for our girl. She's a trooper but I know she really hates to have this limitation.

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