I'm An Awesome Mom

Thursday, January 30, 2020

I am owning my awesome.

Recently, I had a conversation with my Aunt about how I view myself as a mother and why I don't afford myself the same grace that I do for others. I'll be honest with you guys, motherhood is something I struggle with internally because I'm constantly trying to "one up" the  mom I was yesterday. I am a product of a very traumatic childhood in so many ways and I don't ever want my babies to feel an ounce of unnecessary pain or trauma in their own lives. One of the ways I know how to prevent that is by being the best ME these kids deserve. The problem with that? I fall short of what they deserve every single day. I know that's because I'm human and I can't stretch myself beyond already being stretched thin. So, rather than beating myself up about all the little things I am not doing, I want to celebrate myself for all the things I AM doing, and all the things that make me happy that I have been able to give my babies. I want to do these celebration posts every now and again when I'm feeling like an awesome mom (thank you, Auntie Ticia) because reflecting on my triumphs is such a great reminder that I am not doing as bad as I thought I was.

1. The kids have a healthy relationship with food. I know that I've had a huge impact with that. They know their food groups, they try new foods, and the unhealthy "stuff" isn't their go to. This makes me feel so dang proud coming from someone that struggled with finding a healthy relationship with food for so long. 

2. The kids are safe. I have lost sleep thinking of all the outside influence and potential factors that could happen with or without my control. Outside of the norm, I have kept them safe -- physically and emotionally. Protecting them in this way is absolutely something I'm proud of. Absolutely. 

3. The kids explore. Wether we are heading to our neighborhood park or flying them across the country, the kids have big and small adventures that show them more about the world we live in. They appreciate hiking, they love the outdoors, but they also get excited to visit new places. I love this. Culture is everywhere and I'm happily dipping by kids into that, one experience at a time.

You see that? It wasn't a long list I had to read to give myself that "high five" that moms deserve (papas too). Those little reminders have been internal these last couple weeks but they have certainly made a difference and I've noticed. So, I'm putting these positive and healthy notions into the universe for all of you.

If you are a parent and you are reading this, I hope you do the same today. I hope you pick three things, or maybe just one thing that you feel proudly about when it comes to something you've done for your children, or maybe something you've taught them. It is really easy to get caught up in the things we don't do  that we really don't celebrate ourselves enough when it comes to what we are able to give our kids.

Remember, you are an awesome mama! Celebrate yourself today. 

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