Olivia Rose: Four Years Old

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

I cannot believe my second born is four years old. It's kind of surreal.
Olivia is very assertive about what she wants and what she likes, so this year, we had a fairly large sized birthday party for her with a Disney Descendant's theme. Her favorite character is Uma, and she was certainly our focus. I love that about my daughter. When she likes something, she likes it, and we all know about it. We spent this past Saturday welcoming friends and family into our home for this birthday milestone. It was fantastic! Olivia was the center of attention and the spotlight for the entire day. There was a permanent smile stuck on her face and it made my heart just beam.

Following her birthday party, we celebrated her actual birthday with saying "yes" to all the things asked of us. Yesterday morning we decorated a chair complete with birthday balloons wrapped round, just for the birthday girl. Daddy got her donuts so we made a donut tower with four candles to blow out. She was thrilled. She went to swim class a little later that morning and all of her little swim mates sang her happy birthday in the water. She loved it. She asked me to stop for lunch at Meconi's (Italian sub chain), and I happily obliged. Justin got off work early (Olivia's birthday doubles as our marriage anniversary), and we got to spend a Tuesday afternoon with daddy (a rare occasion for a work day). We went out to dinner, Olivia asked for a sweet treat, and of course we got her one. The staff sang happy birthday to our baby and she got to blow out yet another candle. The close of a fantastic birthday celebration.

This year my girl absolutely shined. She started gymnastics, swim classes, and she found a love for hiking. She started reading a bit, writing, and learning her number tables. Her speech has always blown us away and this year was no different. The vocabulary on this girl surpasses her age and I am constantly impressed. Constantly. She took up a love for cooking and helping in the kitchen, to which we happily encourage. She's so dang helpful with her baby brother and nurtures him in the most maternal ways. We adore that. Olivia made little friends all on her own this year (not because of big sister) and that has been awesome to see. I think because she has an older sister, she's never had to worry about socializing, so seeing that in her has been extremely fun.

I know the most difficult part of this year will be sending my baby off to preschool. I have cried SO many big tears already because things as they are now, will forever change this fall. For the first time in her life, she'll be away from her mama for a good chunk of time. She'll be expected to follow the direction of another adult without me there. She'll have to navigate her own little conflicts amongst her peers. It is so hard to think about being away from her. While this may not be my first time experiencing preschool with one of my babies, it is my first time with Olivia. She brings me so much joy in my day... I will miss that immensely.

I know this milestone is imperative for growing and prepping, but it definitely doesn't make it any easier. I love my girl and I'm so thankful we've had 4 healthy, growing, happy years thus far.

Happy Birthday, baby. Mama loves you sky high.

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