Weaning Liam

Monday, February 10, 2020

I can't believe we are here right now. I think that's my most used phrase when writing about my babies, but seriously.. . my third little babe is officially in the process of weaning from co-sleeping and breastfeeding. 

Though I've made a couple (non-committed before the toddler bed conversion) attempts this past summer, I knew that Liam would not be a "cold turkey" babe like both of his sisters were. I can tell when my kids actually need this comfort verses using nursing as a means to pacify. and I took that into heavy consideration prior to making this decision. We've also always eliminated actively co-sleeping out of our norm just to make it easier with the idea of "out of sight, out of mind" for them. So, that's what the past 10 days looked like for our family. I'm happy to report that it has gone surprisingly well, for the most part. Like the girls, we started out with naps. The first nap day was absolutely horrid, but it did result in Liam sleeping in his toddler bed for a solid two hours. I didn't attempt bedtime that night, so I did nurse him down to sleep, but he didn't nurse at all prior to that during the day. The next day, same routine for nap time, and he actually got in his bed on his own. He still fussed about it, but I remained consistent and he did take a nap again. That's when I decided to give nighttime a try. He definitely put up more of a fight and I wanted to cave... but he fell asleep and I remained consistent. I let him sleep in his bed until we were ready for bed and then I took him with us for the night.

I did this with Olivia as well.. I'm not sure why, but its definitely a comfort thing. Especially since Liam's room is upstairs. With the exception of this past Friday, Liam napped in his bed everyday for a week. The weekends are a little tricky but I know one of us has to be home to remain consistent with our new schedule for our boy. I'm so proud of him, you guys. Truly, I am. Transitioning into new norms isn't easy for adults let alone toddlers. I have nursed Liam the longest out of all three of the kids (Ava - 20 months, Olivia - 14 months) and I know change is hard. I know it. But I also know that he's ready and able to self soothe, drink water (he does not like milk), and cope without mommy milk. I also know that if we want to think about family planning anytime in the near future, this is a step that has to be taken. I mean, even if we aren't expanding our family, this is a step that has to be taken. I think it's healthy for Liam to have a schedule and routine that will allow anyone we trust to put him down for bed and I know it's monumental for him moving forward for future development and milestones he will soon reach. It's bittersweet to be here though. I won't lie.

We really don't know if we'll end up trying for another but I do know that if we don't, this will have been the close of the last breastfeeding journey I've ever had. There are a lot of emotions stirring around that. Breastfeeding has always been so much more than just nourishment for me and my babies. Breastfeeding has kept me grounded, healthy, and it has allowed me to trust my body in ways I never did before. Breastfeeding showed me how capable I was of sustaining human life even once my babies left the womb. It is a reminder that I was once capable of providing them their every need and that is, bar none, empowering beyond measure. Whoo. Cue the tears. This is a big deal for us. This is a big deal for Liam. I'm just thankful we've been able to choose and that it was done on his time. Meaning, we know he's ready. I've been fortune enough to wean all three of our kids knowing that they were ready. I can't really ask for much more than that.

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