Justin is 30! Luau "Stay At Home" Style

Saturday, May 2, 2020

The love of my life hit a very B-I-G milestone -- he is 30 years old today!
Wow. Hard to believe this stud muffin was only 20 when we started dating. So much has happened in the last decade and I'm just thankful I've been along for the ride. Because we couldn't have family, friends, or even Justin's co-workers over for the previous planned "Dirty Thirty Kickback" we made it work with our party of five. And to be honest, I know Justin was elated about this. He's not really big on drawing attention to himself (though I've always made it a point to overdo it whenever possible), so a laid back family affair was right up his alley. We are still not comfortable taking our kids into stores and such so shopping for daddy this year was hard. Shipping through any carrier has been delayed for nearly two months, so I knew we couldn't rely on ordering a gift through the mail and expecting it to arrive on time. I asked the girls what they wanted to get him and I did my best to deliver. I got almost all of the decorations necessary from the dollar store! **YES. Friends, if you are not hip to the dollar store, you need to be.** I can't believe it took me this many years to hop on the trend myself. Anyways, they had everything we needed and more. We knew we wanted to give our special guy breakfast in bed, so the decorating took place a little later in the day. I ended up picking up his fav flavored ice cream cake from Coldstone, and cooking his traditional chicken parmesan for his birthday dinner. Overall I think Justin was so shocked at what we were able to pull off. Certainly not too shabby, especially for a quarantine birthday.

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