Happy Earth Week (Printable Activities)

Tuesday, April 21, 2020
We celebrate our planet Earth each and every single day of the year, but even more so this week because.... it is Earth week! 
Earth day is actually this Wednesday but we love to celebrate all week long. Miss Ava is absolutely obsessed with the planets, treating the planets how we'd want to be treated, and doing our part to remove our carbon footprints. For example. Last year Ava came home from her kinder class and she was so serious like. She wanted us to S T O P wasting water starting at that moment. I tried to rebuttal and do you know what I was met with? "Mommy, you leave the water on when you brush my teeth and that's wasting the water." Ouch. She was right. So, from that day forward I never let the water run while brushing teeth. For anyone in our family. In addition to Miss Ava's compassion about preserving resources, her daddy is pretty adamant about recycling frequently. He made sure to dedicate a special garbage can indoors for our recyclables so we didn't always have to run out to the big bin in the garage. Miss Olivia loves to make sure our lights are turned off during the day. Its gotten to the point where we don't ask her to shut them off anymore. She just does. Little Liam is observing these things and I have high hopes that he'll be an earth defender as he grows, too. 
As for me, there are two big things I have done to help our environment that much more. Any time I have an option to receive statements, messages, or letters online -- I do. The amount of paper that gets sent to you for things you throw out anyways is absolutely absurd. Go green, folks. I also don't purchase bottled water. We have a filter on our refrigerator and endless options for cups (mason jars are seriously my jam). Not subscribing to that extra plastic in our lives makes me feel a little better knowing it helps planet earth in a small way. 

To help celebrate Earth week, I created five fun ways to talk about saving our planet earth with your little ones! 

All thing Earth crossword puzzle - Download + Print

Write down your plan of action! How can you help our planet? - Download + Print

Earth day friendly bookmarks - Download + Print (make sure you choose your layout options to print all four bookmarks on one page. Gotta save the paper!) laminate and use for reading fun!

Earth day scavenger hunt - Download + Print

Coloring Earth page - Download + Print

I am so excited to see what you guys come up with. Want to share your work? Feel free to post along on instagram with the hashtag #simplyhowland and look out for our family earth day fun, too! 

We are making our first ever bug hotel (Ava inspired)! My kids love all of earth's creatures so what better way to give back to them then by adding glam to a new space. We can't wait to show it off. 

Happy Earth week, friends! 

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