Frozen Yogurt Bites

Friday, April 17, 2020

With warmer weather ahead, serving up healthy, delicious, and refreshing snack options for my kids is a must.

Washington has decided to give us one of the warmest Springs I've ever experienced to date here in the Pacific Northwest. This means our family has spent a lot more time outdoors -- going on walks, hanging out in the backyard, and making chalk murals in the front yard. It's been so good to take in some Vitamin D and quality family time outdoors. With outdoor time comes a lot of snacking with my trio of littles. To put a spin on our snack and even our morning meals, I've added yogurt bites! Super simple and even easier to make. Need some inspiration? Here's what we've been doing! 


Greek yogurt (we love honey + vanilla)


Fruit (blueberries, bite sized strawberries, raspberries)


Mix your yogurt with granola and fruit in a bowl

Evenly distribute your mix into an ice cube tray mold of your choice

Allow to freeze for up to 4 hours 

And that is it! When they are ready, they are so delicious and easy for the kids to eat. This is a switch up on a yogurt parfait or how we traditionally have yogurt in our home. But they are refreshing and I have found myself adding cubes to my overnight oats just for a little something extra. I hope you enjoy these as much as my family has!


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