Adult Chore Chart

Monday, April 13, 2020
Stay organized, friends!

This week marks nearly a month since our quarantine routine began. I don't think anyone anticipated that we'd be home for this long and because of that, I didn't push for a plan or a schedule (outside of Ava's homeschool schedule). Locking down a schedule isn't only essential for our household, but it's essential for me. I thrive when structure is in place, as do the rest of the members in my family. Now that we know Ava won't be returning to traditional school this year and Justin is still home until told otherwise -- we can plan a little better, divide household chores to accommodate us being at home, and really process that this is going to be our new normal, at least until next month some time... maybe even longer. So, my type a kicked in and I started making chore sheets, daily planner sheets - the works. The adult chore sheet was something I created to help Justin and I divide and conquer. There are some things that I do that Justin never (loading laundry) does and that will remain. There are some things that Justin does that I never do (taking the trash out) and that will remain. This chore chart was just more of an accountability sheet so neither of us gets burnt out on always doing one task or chore while the other does not. I so appreciate that even though Justin is still working, he's such a team player when it comes to allowing me to structure Ava's learning and keep our other two littles on track as well. Because I know little changes can make the biggest impact, I wanted to give you guys something that you can take advantage of in your own homes! But you can customize it per what your household chores look like. Here's an example of ours.

I wrote down our chores in the chore section and then we used the first letter of our names to assign the chores, daily and throughout the week.

I hope you find this useful in the same way that my family has.

Want to keep this as an everyday option? If you have self-laminating pages or even a laminator, you can turn this easy sheet into a dry erase option. I laminated mine, hung it on the fridge, and now we have a weekly chart that we can use over and over again.


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