Easter Sunday Fun (Quarantine Style)

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Share, Create, + Have Fun

We are staying home for Easter, as I'm sure many other families are this year. I'm a firm believer in working with what you have and that in mind, I have created some fun printables for you and your family to enjoy. Nothing kicks off some family fun like a game of BINGO. Justin and the kids absolutely love a good game of BINGO. We have a BINGO set for every holiday and the kids enjoy using festive candy or tokens as their markers. I created an Easter inspired BINGO set complete with a call sheet. For those of you who are unfamiliar with BINGO (I don't know many but there is a first for everything), all you have to do is print out the BINGO cards, distribute one to each player, and use the call sheet to determine which picture will be called first. You call out each picture until someone shouts, "BINGO!" Simple, right? Loads of funny and easy for little ones as well.

Easter Bingo - Download + Print

Raise your hand if you have little ones that love to color? I know both of my hands are raised! My kiddos absolutely love to craft, color, and create. I have created a blank canvas (Easter egg) for your kids to glam up. Use crayons, markers, glitter, glue, eyeballs -- really whatever you want to create your own Easter egg masterpiece. When you're done coloring, cut it out and create stories, posters, or room decor. The options are limitless!

Decorate Your Own Easter Egg - Download + Print

Crosswords are easily becoming a fan favorite for my oldest. Thus, an Easter inspired crossword puzzle. Ava loves being able to crack clues (no pun intended), spell the correct words herself, and complete a crossword with minimal to no help. This is fun for kids that are a little older and mamas/papas that want to watch or join in on the fun.

Easter Crossword Puzzle - Download + Print

I hope you guys enjoy these fun little activities with your family this weekend. I did a trial run with my own babies and they were such a hit! Feel free to share your finished masterpieces with us! Or let us know how you made out in a game of BINGO. We hope you all have a very safe, healthy, and wonderful Easter weekend.

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