NO COOK "Cloud Clay" (softer than play dough)

Friday, April 10, 2020

Moon Dough is all the rave.

My kids love a good project and lately we've been afforded the time to do SO many. This week we decided to hop on the band wagon and make our very own moon dough (cloud clay). Super easy and only requires 2 ingredients (or three if you are using food coloring). 


1 large bowl

 1 cup of cornstarch 

1- 1.5 cups of conditioner

 (any brand of conditioner will do but keep in mind that the amount of conditioner you need depends on how much water is actually in your conditioner. I used TRESemme and we actually used closer to 1 and a half cups without making our mix too sticky) 

10 drops of food coloring (your choice of brand, your choice of color) 

1 pair of gloves 
(trust me, you are saving yourself a world of trouble by just using gloves)

We got a large steel bowl from our kitchen and measured out the correct amount of corn starch. Then we added the conditioner. We used a spoon to combine. Keep in mind if your mix is not sticky enough, you need to add more conditioner. If your mix is too sticky, you need to add cornstarch. Start by using tablespoons to get the right combined mix so you aren't finding yourself in constant unbalance between the two ingredients. Once you have a well combined, dough like form, you want to go ahead and add your food coloring, if you choose to add food coloring. I've seen some people just mix their food coloring with a spoon. This didn't work out for us, so I ended up putting gloves on the second go round and it worked much better when making Olivia's moon dough. Once the mix has been kneaded with that food coloring, we stored in mason jars. We quickly realized the mason jars were not big enough and I used a ziplock gallon bag instead. 

This really was one of the easier projects we have made and I'm excited that its not nearly as messy as traditional playdough! We hope you guys have a fun time making this with your families! Please feel free to show us what colors you came up and how your little ones enjoyed making their very  own moon dough. 

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