Thursday, January 7, 2021

Let the hotel living commence.

Oh my lanta. This move has been easier in some ways but harder in other ways in terms of the moving prep. The first major difference is that Justin and I opted for an easier partial DITY move by only really packing what we need and what we absolutely don't want to be lost/stolen/damaged (this is a first because I am a total packrat). The second major difference is that we won't be staying in our rental home for a couple days before we depart. Justin was able to take 30 days of PCS leave but that left us with six days leftover after our HHG (household goods) take off for New York. Normally we'd use air mattresses and camp out in an empty house for a couple days. This time around I opted for a 5-night hotel stay with warm beds, free wifi, and a complimentary breakfast. I'm sure the kids will find this to be much more comfortable and it eliminates us trying to decide what to do for breakfast in the morning. I think the third biggest difference in this move is my total Type A demeanor just stalling out and trying to "go with the flow" so to speak. Moves are stressful but I literally cannot stress my body out (or baby girl) because of things I can't control.

So far we've been blessed with good movers (they packed up the house on Monday + Tuesday) and we have our fingers crossed that the driver doing the direct haul will be equally as great. Because he will be five days ahead of us, we are also hopeful that we won't be in New York without our things for as long as we usually would be after a PCS.

** UPDATE **

PCS moves never cease to amaze me. The driver and the movers he hired arrived on Wednesday. Guess what? We are his first drop off and he will be in New York before us. This will be the first time in our PCS history to have this occur. Justin's leave days cannot be altered per COVID regs. Our leftover choices include having our things put into storage OR assigning an agent to be there when our HHG arrives. Thankfully, we don't have to put our things into storage for an unknown amount of time. We asked Justin's Uncle Mark and Nana to be there and help us with our things -- we are thankful this is an option but so nervous. I plan on talking to them about what we look for in these types of moves, shipment numbers, etc. It'll be nice to video chat them also. Here's hoping this curveball goes off without a hitch. And guess what? That means we won't be without our washer and dryer for nearly two weeks. I am a happy camper about that! We only have a couple more things to do before we leave the state of Washington (pregnant mama needs compression socks + we have a farewell for Justin on Saturday) and then its straight cruising for the next 


So we spent the week getting last-minute move things done. I gathered the kids' medical records, we made sure to refill prescriptions (both for myself and Liam) prior to leaving, I had a final OB appointment, the mail has forwarded, house keys have been returned to the property management company, and Justin officially turns in the rest of his things to the company tomorrow. Because our things are arriving in NY sooner than we thought, we realized we kept the air mattresses for no reason at all. This prompted me to package them up and mail them to Justin's Nana's address (thank you, Nana). That did come at a nearly 95 dollar cost but the extra space in Justin's vehicle will be appreciated. 

I plan on making a PCS checklist (I should have done this ages before) for those that are new to military life and have impending moves -- with or without children. Moving is always stressful but there is so much you can do to alleviate stress during the process.

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