Olivia Rose: Five Years Old

Thursday, January 21, 2021

 Olivia Rose. My beautiful, strong, resilient kinder. 

Where do I even begin? Olivia, this year has been one heck of a ride. Watching you grow through a global pandemic was truly an eye-opening experience for daddy and me. We got to see more of your strength emerge and we got to see more of your limits. Watching you navigate preschool was one of the most enchanting milestones I've had with you. Mama definitely cried but not because I was scared for you being in a new environment. I cried because, like your sister, I knew you were ready and I knew you would own this newfound level of independence, socializing without mom or dad's guidance, and learning. And you did just that. You thrived in preschool. Even through Covid-19 shutdowns, transitioning to a preschool course at your teacher's home, and eventually having to say goodbye to your normal due to a cross country move. You remain, without missing a beat, resilient. I don't think we can ever express how grateful we are for your sweetheart, your sassy nature, and your quick wit. You make everyone in this family laugh SO big. You always have. It is that laughter that saw our family through so many rough moments this past year. 

Out of all five of us, you were the one that embraced New York with open arms, free of reservation. You love the snow, you love hockey, and you enjoy being so close to your family. I admire how you love us all SO big all of the time. In fact, everything you do is SO big. It is larger than life -- a phrase I seem to use often where you kids are concerned. Your smile takes up your whole face and when you're really happy, you are LOUD (complimentary genetics from your mama). I filled out your kindergarten registration this week. I can't tell you how not ready I am to send you off on a daily adventure, all day... where I won't be. You are a living breathing reminder that no matter how many babies a family can have, the firsts are still just as tender with each child. Though I've always said we've never had time to anticipate your milestones (they always come full speed), I am soaking in the next few months with you because our normal will forever be changed. In three short months, you will be a big sister once more, this time to a little baby girl. 

I know I can count on you to guide her, play with her, and love her. All you seem to talk about lately is Tatum and how you can't wait to meet her. You hug my belly often and you give her as many kisses as you can. Those are the moments I relish with you. I love seeing your tender heart at work. We are so thankful for your continued growth, your health, and your curiosity about the world around you. Even though I know this year will continue to be a little different because of socially distancing, I know you are going to knock all of your five-year-old aspirations out of the park and then some. We love you sky high, Olivia Rose. 

Happy 5th Birthday. 


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