New York Quarantine Over: 29 weeks

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Our Tatum girl in 4d.

Our family of 5.5 officially fulfilled New York quaratine stipulations and I can't tell you how relieved I am to know that we did not end up getting Covid-19 while traveling across the country. That was my biggest fear for us and the kids. I'm glad that we took the proper precautions and really lucked out. Breaking free of quarantine means more family interactions and so far, we've had nothing short of that in our short time here. Uncles, grandpas, and a great grandma sleepover -- I'd say our babies are more than delighted to have SO much family within a 10 minute drive from us. In addition to busting out of quarantine, this mama established care with my new OB team and MFM doctor. It was a little intimidating but I feel like me and Tatum are in good hands and that is really all that matters. We have a growth scan when I'm 32 weeks + a follow up with OB every two weeks per usual at this stage of pregnancy. Seeing Tatum in 4d was certainly the highlight of our time here so far. I hadn't seen her on an ultrasound machine since I was 24 weeks? So this was a real treat. We got her heartbeat in a little see turtle, solid images on a usb, and some print outs. It just gave me relief to see her growth and to know she's okay. I feel her move so much throughout the day and that's always reassuring... but there is nothing like seeing your baby on that big screen. Nothing. And to be able to have the kids and Justin alongside me was just the perfect moment for us all. We definitely needed that. Check out the updates! Not many left. 

How far Along: 29 weeks

Nicknames for baby:  Tatum girl, Tater Tot

Size of baby: The baby is as big as a butternut squash

Gender Prediction: Gender was confirmed at my early anatomy scan (Justin says he knew all along) -- we are having a GIRL

Symptoms: Sciatic nerve pain, backaches in general, a tad bit of insomnia, and a little overall body discomfort

Best moment this week: Seeing our girl in 4d

MovementI FEEL THIS BABY MOVE every day and so do her daddy and big siblings!  

Food Cravings: Oddly enough, hotdogs.

Food Aversions: No food sounds tasty. I try and eat because I have to but other than that... bleh

What I Miss: Peace of mind. This move has really wreaked havoc on my emotional processing and thats hard

Sleep:  The backpain has made sleeping a little more difficult but usually I'm out before 10:30. Truly depends on if I'm snuggling Justin or trying to sleep with Tobias (my last and final maternity pillow). 

Justin: I know he's excited to meet his little girl but we've been out of sync and that really never happens between us. Trying to conquer a cross country move, with a high-risk wife, during a pandemic, while watching her emotionally plummet isn't easy on anyone. I give him that. I feel that he tries to support me in big and small ways and for that, I appreciate him absolutely. We are in uncharted waters and it's just weird to be here. 

What I am looking forward to this week: I am looking forward to doing some baby shopping, honestly. I really want to savor the rest of this pregnancy and indulge in some familiar pregnant Leilani tendencies.

Happy or moody most of the time: I would say moody -- emotional moody, scared, upset, sad, etc. I have been on a constant emotional rollercoaster since we left Washington and I finally only now feel like I might have turned the corner. This kind of change isn't out of the norm but doing a PCS while pregnant... I'd love to NEVER do that again.

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