Growth Scan: 32 Weeks + 1 Day

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

I don't think I've felt this excited or confident about Tatum's arrival like I did yesterday morning.

Seeing my baby, seeing that she is safe and sound -- and thriving in the womb, it's surreal. It almost sounds redundant to continue to discuss the trauma that occurred in my heterotopic pregnancy but it is a definite saving grace for me to open up to all of you this way. Processing SO much change in just six months is not an easy feat -- in fact, I struggle daily, but I feel more like myself every day and for that, I'm so thankful. Growing my little girl has reminded me of how capable my body is + just how strong my sense of self truly is. We only have 7 weeks until induction and as we count down the days, we are prepping her nursery full force, our hospital bags, our childcare schedule, etc. 

How far Along: 32 weeks 2 days

Nicknames for baby:  Tatum girl, Tater Tot

Size of baby: The baby is as big as a  squash (an ounce shy of 4 pounds to be exact!) 

Gender Prediction: Gender was confirmed at my early anatomy scan (Justin says he knew all along) -- we are having a GIRL

Symptoms: Sciatic nerve pain, backaches in general,  Braxton hicks, some indigestion, and really overall body discomfort

Best moment this week:  Growth scan, for sure! Baby girl is healthy and growing as she should

Movement: TATUM ROLLS ALL DAY LONG. She rolls, kicks, and she is the most active baby we've ever had.

Food Cravings: Rice Krispy Treats (guilty pleasure) 

Food Aversions: No food sounds tasty. I try and eat because I have to but other than that... bleh

What I Miss: I already miss all the moments that have passed me by in this pregnancy. They will be my last.

Sleep:  Using my maternity pillow is a GOD sent + so is Justin. I snuggle with him every single night and fall asleep with such ease. I've been trying to take naps when I am able (which really isn't very often). 

Justin: This move was such a trying time for our marriage but we've finally found our groove again and I couldn't feel more relieved about that. He's been extremely helpful where baby things are concerned -- assembling, unboxing, talking to Tatum, and giving me my space when I need it. These next 7 weeks are certainly going to include more connection and intimacy than the last four. I'm not mad about that at all. 

What I am looking forward to this week: I am looking forward to spending the rest of Ava's Spring break by getting in our last little getaway before we become a family of six.

Happy or moody most of the time: I would say neither? I feel mostly whole + have somehow managed to find this place of contentment. I can't explain it but I'm so glad I'm here. I do find that I'm crying more than I normally would..but not necessarily for sad things. I just feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude that I can't seem to put into words. But, I'm good, you guys. I'm actually good. 

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