36 Weeks + 3 Days (Growth Scan, NST, BLOOD THINNER CHANGE)

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Our little Miss is SIX whole pounds.

It's been a month since I last shared a pregnancy highlight and I promise that it hasn't been on purpose. In the last month, I became a college BA GRADUATE (YES! 29 years old, 7 years "too late", and before giving birth to baby #4)! I turned 30 and spent the day in Boston with the people I love most (another major city checked off the list, even for Miss Tatum... technically). We celebrated our son turning 3, we celebrated Justin's Nana turning 77, and we had a happy heavenly birthday moment for Justin's mom. It has been BUSY this past month. March is always busy but I'm so glad that I was able to get in for another growth scan with the MFM doctor. This appointment today lasted nearly two hours but I cannot complain. Seeing my baby girl is always such a treat for me. She's grown so much, you guys! SIX whole pounds predicted to be 7.5-8.5 pounds at birth. She's in the 31st percentile and she's healthy and looking so dang good! I have so much to share with you. 

How far Along: 36 weeks 3 days

Nicknames for baby:  Tatum girl, Tater Tot

Size of baby: Tatum is bigger than papaya -- sitting at exactly six pounds as of today's growth scan! 

Gender Prediction: Gender was confirmed at my early anatomy scan (Justin says he knew all along) -- we are having a GIRL

Symptoms: LIGHTING PAIN. Oh my Lanta, the pelvic pressure has been insanity. Tatum's head is sitting right on the closing of my cervix and it is the most uncomfortable experience of my life. My nerves are also being compromised with Tatum's positioning and movement. I have the worst back spasms (thank you sciatica), indigestion and acid reflux are back again, and Braxton hicks are still a go!  I'm a mess, folks. 

Best moment this week:  The nonstress test was really the best moment for me. She passed with flying colors, so easily. To know she's doing exactly what they expect for a 36 weeker is just another blessing. 

MovementTATUM ROLLS ALL DAY LONG. She rolls, kicks, and she is the most active baby we've ever had.

Food Cravings:  No judgment -- but, subway. 

Food Aversions: No food sounds tasty. I try and eat because I have to but other than that... bleh

What I Miss: I  honestly miss life before blood thinners. I remember when this pregnancy wasn't plagued by my pulmonary embolisms. The shots have become increasingly uncomfortable and now with switching to heparin for the duration of my pregnancy and possibly having to give myself three shots a day instead of two to remain on a therapeutic dose... it's a lot.

Sleep:  I have been waking up every single night between 3am and 5am unable to sleep. It stinks because I really have a hard time falling back asleep (if I do fall back asleep). I'm tired and it shows. 

Justin:  This man. He put together the crib, he got rid of old baby gear and made room for new baby gear, and he's putting up nursery decor this weekend.  He has a full plate always (last week he ran the station he was only supposed to be recruiting at) but he never drops the ball. I know he wears many hats and I'm just thankful that our energy matches when it matters most. It has made this entire process a lot easier for sure. 

What I am looking forward to this week:  I am looking forward to Sunday -- FULL TERM. Baby girl could come at any time and she'd be full term. I let my OB check me this past week and although I don't have any dilation or effacement, they seem to think this little girl could come before them. History tells me otherwise and that induction will likely occur... but you just never know.

Happy or moody most of the time: I would say that I'm in a peaceful mood.. or sleepy. It's not about a lack of happiness right now or an abundant amount. I'm just allowing myself to take on each day, one at a time. I try to always find my pockets of peace and when I fall short, I allow myself to bask in the organic love and nature of my family. It has never steered me wrong. 

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