Tatum Leilani Madrid: 4 weeks old

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Tater Tot is 4 weeks old.

These last four weeks have gone by so quickly and every day seems like bliss. Even the inevitable jitters of nighttime with a newborn didn't come around with this girl. We've organically found our own routine and we love it. One thing that has helped tremendously is having Justin home for 21 full days (but really nearly a month if you count the week leading up to Tatum's birth) because of the paternity leave change the military made a couple years back. In the past, it has always been 10 days and realistically.. 10 days is absolutely better than zero but certainly not enough time for a family dynamic to settle in and adjust. I didn't take a single moment for granted and I'm so glad my honey was such a support for me and for the baby. 

Week One: Tatum and I spent her first four days of life hospital-bound (I believe I shared that in my birth story) but it was brutal. Pandemic baby aside, I was so stressed and a little worried. Thankfully daddy (even after sending him home to be with the rest of our gang) was able to come back to us and help mama and baby during those foreign extra days we'd never experienced before. Tatum was discharged on a Saturday morning and then we spent the next two days settling into life at home. Such a good baby and with the kids wanting to assist all the time, it wasn't as chaotic as I thought it'd be. Ava was still on Spring break for the weak and I knew this weekend would be the last before she went back to school. They went four whole days with only seeing their baby sister on facetime. I know it'd be brutal for me if I was them, too. We ended week one with a trip to Tatum's pediatric doctor. She looked perfect and all they wanted to do was monitor her weight to make sure she was gaining correctly.

Week Two: This week consisted of Pediatric visits every other day for the most part. Tatum dropped .5 ounces and that sent our pediatric team into a more strict regiment of weight measuring. We didn't mind though. The main goal is to have healthy babies, always. Mama pumped on one occasion just to give mamita a little extra intake. It was so foreign for me but I wanted to try everything to get her weight on the up and up. On top of stress about Tatum's weight, she also had an umbilical granuloma. Not a super huge deal once we figured out what it was and how to treat it (just a simple application of silver nitrate) but boy did it leave this veteran mama (and daddy) feeling nervous and worried. On top of both the weight and granuloma, Miss Tatum was already trying to sleep in longer than 2-hour stretches. A definite no-no for breastfed babies this young but especially for weight concerns. Week two had lots of worries but ended with grateful hearts, a healthy baby, and a lot of learned baby-related things for mommy and daddy. P.S. Tatum loves the sound of the vacuum and will sleep to that sound for hours.

Week Three: We had our first family outing to the park as a family of six. The weather was nice, I brought two different wraps (sling + moby), and the older three got to run wild on play structures and Tatum got to snuggle mama and take in some fresh air. It wasn't as scary as I thought it'd be... but it hit me -- we are responsible for these four beautiful lives. It's insanity, right? Total bliss this week. Getting the hang of Tatum's sleep schedule and Ava's school schedule (waking up, helping her get ready for school, picking Ava up from school, etc.). Week three is when everything sort of fell into place for us. Week three is also the last week daddy had from paternity leave. Also, can I just note how friggin' alert our baby is? Legit, we have had so many people (professionals and strangers alike) compliment on how wide-eyed and alert Tatum is. Always tracking objects and people... she's doing so dang well.

Week Four: We made it one whole month as a family of six and Tatum continues to thrive, grow, and SMILE. SO. MUCH. Tatum's weight was more than perfect and weight checks actually stopped the week prior but her check-up for her one month was everything we could ever hope for. She's perfect, zero concerns, and we won't be seen again until her two-month check-up (yikes for shots). Tatum starting cooing this week and making her sweet little baby noises, this girls' head control is perfection, and she's mostly good about being in the car... when it's moving. Daddy went back to work so it was officially mama and the older two all day while Ava is at school. I've got to say, I've got some awesome helpers that have made all things newborn-related really easy to manage. 

We made it one month, baby girl. I can't wait to see how you grow during the next four weeks! 

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