Ava Bug is 8

Monday, May 17, 2021


Our princess. Our firstborn. She's eight. Eight is great.

8 years ago today I brought my future best friend into this world and my life has been exponentially blessed every day since. Miss Ava. My Ava, wow, sweet girl. Today I look at you and I feel so proud to know who you are. To know your heart. You are the kindest human being I have ever met and you make our family think critically about our choices and how those choices impact the lives of others on a daily basis. You care deeply for those that cannot speak up for themselves (animals, mostly) and you have no problem questioning the ethics of any situation. Lately, you've been into telling jokes and you make us laugh with your quick wit and infectious laughter. Hearing your happiness in the form of a laugh warms my heart over and over again. This last year gave you strength and bravery that has been unmatched and I can't wait to see where your new strengths take you these next 365 days around the sun. Thank you for making the world a better place baby. You are the imprint we all need. Forever my baby and forever my game changer.

Happy 8th birthday, Ava bug!

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