Olivia Rose: She Lost Her First Tooth!

Thursday, May 27, 2021


Olivia Rose discovered her first loose tooth and she lost it that same day.
Before we ever get the chance to anticipate a new milestone, Miss Olivia has already arrived and we are left to marvel at our sweet girl... wondering how on earth we got here so quickly. This tone was set long before she could walk and clearly has no intention of slowing down. My 5-year-old has her first loose tooth with her permanent tooth clearly visible. She ran up to me so worried and excited this morning and she said, "Mommy! Mommy! I have a loose tooth! It's really loose!" My initial thought was that it was a result of the roughhousing she and Liam were participating in... I thought about how it has to be too soon, right? But it's not. I smiled back at her and I held her. One of my fingers got lost in a perfect ringlet and I cried. That seems to be my M.O. for always. I wasn't ready for tooth pulling and tooth fairies with this one... and we are here. It feels too fast. Motherhood feels so fast. One minute they are brand new on your chest and you feel like no moment can compare to meeting your baby and then they grow up and you realize every single one of their moments compares. I can't wait to see who this go-getter will be.

Mama loves you, Olivia Rose -- sky-high + always, always.

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