Tatum Leilani Madrid: 8 Weeks Old

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

I can't imagine a life without you, tater tot. 
Surprisingly enough, I have been anxiously awaiting these milestones to arrive -- your 8-week update. I have been so nervous about people being around you outside of our home, exposing you to a world still in a pandemic, and having you exposed without any vaccines. I am normally over the top with newborn safety but covid-19 has made this process even more elevated. I don't want to wish your new stages away so quickly... I just want to keep you safe. Each day with you here has been easier than the last. We get to see more of your personality emerge, more of your musical likes, and you have finally stopped giving daddy the cold shoulder. It's bliss to take you in this way sweetheart. Pure bliss.

Clothes: Miss Tatum, you will be nine weeks old tomorrow and you are comfortable wearing three-month-old clothing. Newborn clothing is too tight and you are too long to fit (I need to put the newborn stash away). Your two-month check-up is on Friday and I am curious to see how much you weigh. If I had to guess, I would say likely 11 pounds or so? You are growing so beautifully and your sweet little chunk cheeks are coming through. You've got a little bit of the baby rolls going on your legs but honestly, you remind me so much of Ava. You seem like more of a true-to-size babe with clothing -- setting your own healthy growth curve. The heat in Upstate New York is unreal right now (90-degree weather at the beginning of June) so I almost feel like I need to update your summer clothing... though you and big sister Ava are on the same timeline for clothing, so I know you won't be without weather-appropriate necessities. I don't really reason to buy baby clothes though... it doesn't take much. I just want to relish this phase with you.

Feeding: All of the Howland babies remain quite similar in the feeding department. Tatum, you nurse on demand just as often as you'd like. If you aren't sleeping or interacting with daddy or your sibs, you are nursing. Sometimes that's ever thirty minutes or every hour. You nurse to nourish but also, it brings you soothing comfort. Your latch continues to impress and we have long since passed any breastfeeding concerns, weight concerns, etc. My fourth and final breastfeeding journey has been a breeze and I am so thankful for it. Being able to provide for your every need is so important to your mama. 

Sleep: Again, like all your siblings, you are one heck of a sleeper. I think it's because we co-sleep and breastfeed. That is what makes the most sense to your daddy and me as to why all four of our babies have such similar patterns. You go down for bed at around 930-10 pm at night (after a bath, lotion, and pajamas) and you've been sleeping until about 430am? We have been getting about a 6 hour stretch with you and it is glorious. Currently, you like to take a solid two-hour nap after Ava is off for school and you wake up either just before or just after mama has made lunch for Olivia + Liam. You end up taking another solid nap from about 2-330? We do tummy time, talk, look outside, etc. Then you usually end up back down from 430-530pm and then you awake for about 45 minutes and go back down for around an hour or so. You average about 4-5 naps a day, with two being 2-2.5 hour chunks of solid sleep time. 

Milestones: Your baby smiles, coos, and alert behavior are everything right now. A couple different medical doctors have mentioned how much older you look because of your alert nature. I might have mentioned this before but it remains true to this update, also. When you are doing tummy time you sort of doing this scoot maneuver with your feet like you are already trying to crawl away or something and it shows just how strong you are. You can lift your head really, really well and you have already rolled over for us. The only thing your PEDS doc wanted to see you doing at two months was smile... you have certainly surpassed that expectation. 

Things You Like: You are a total mama's girl! I love it... daddy, not so much (he's gotten his feelings hurt a little bit by your preference). You love to be near me, laying with me, or in my arms -- it will instantly stop your tears. You enjoy music, sometimes the sound of the vacuum still works, and the fisher price swing has afforded you solid sleep time here and there. At night you have to be swaddled to find your deep sleep or you need to have daddy's chest to find that slumber when it's not bedtime. You, like all of your sibs, sleep on your daddy for HOURS at a time at this age. You love holding onto to daddy's hands when he's holding you and you prefer to be held outward -- likely so you can take in the world around you. You aren't much for crying unless you are hungry and you really love to have your little nose stroked while you fall asleep. 

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