Goodbye, 2021.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

The best year of my entire life and the most painful at the same time.

First of all... can I just say ** WE MADE IT ** My family of six made it through 2021 and I can give a sigh of relief knowing we are all here, safe, and together to welcome in this new year. 2021 was a tough one for so many obvious reasons and a ton that we chose not to share. Being in the state of New York itself wasn't even close to the hardest part of living here; I am glad that Justin, the kids, and I have turned a corner and have found many things to appreciate about where we live and the community in which we chose. That was such a healing point for all of us and it SO needed to happen. I look back on the year we've had and I just can't believe Justin and I are parents to FOUR children! Once upon a time, we didn't know if this reality would be our reality... I thank the heavens, stars, and angels on earth that it is. Baby Tatum entering the world was such a finality that I know this family needed. We are completely whole and this next chapter of life we face will be one without trying to conceive, pregnancies, or labor and delivery... still so strange to think about but I am SO excited to see what this looks like. Like always, this year forced me to evaluate relationships, interactions, and growth within myself. This led me to release interactions that didn't serve a purpose, didn't aid in growth, or that really only existed for surface-level obligations? (couldn't think of a better word here). I also welcomed seasoned connections back into my life... unexpectedly, but I am thankful it happened. The best part of the human experience is really understanding that some things don't have to be forever. We can choose to connect again, to love again, to be open to people/places/or things, again. Watching even the smallest connections align is my happy place. My jam. It's "the good stuff" for me. 

I didn't make any new years resolutions that I want to share publicly. Justin and I both made some within our friendship capacity as well as our marriage. Our older 3 also tried to make some of their own which were so cute and lovely to experience their feedback and reflection. This year will be one for more intimacy and connection within the walls of our home. We are already a tight unit but with this global pandemic forcing us back indoors again, I think it leaves us so much more room to enjoy our family in the best of ways. 

And on that note: Here's to 2022. May your year be filled with wonderful new memories, experiences, love, laughter, safety, boundaries, healthy interactions, growth, and savored happiness. 

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