Tatum Leilani Madrid: 10 months old

Sunday, February 6, 2022

My sweet, sweet, girl. Double-digit months. Nearly a one-year-old. 

Even though you are my fourth, the workings and time that is infancy work so uniquely and magically for every baby. Especially you, in more ways than one. I know how quickly time passes. I know how marvelous it is to watch your baby grow. With you, sweet Tatum, I want every moment to last just a little bit longer. I want to savor your plump rosy cheeks just a moment longer. I want to see that big, gorgeous smile backed by those incredible brown eyes forever. And then, I want to be the cheerleader of all your milestones. Watching you learn to roll from back to tummy, tummy to back, watching you sit up, and learn to crawl... It's the most exciting thing in the world -- watching your baby thrive. 

Feeding:  Tatum is eating every single food group and so many different colors and varieties within those food groups. It's amazing to have our "go-to meals" (Tatum's favorites) ready to go each day and know that she will love it. Feeding time happens three times a day -- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the morning, we stick to berries, some whole milk yogurt, or Ezekiel bread  (a ton of sprouted grains and legumes)  with a spread of ricotta or avocado or even yogurt. We also use the scrambled egg and spinach combo quite a bit. Lunchtime is light -- usually a veggie and a protein and some baby snacks. Dinner time consists of a variation of whatever we eat as a family.  Tatum gets about 2oz of water each day and everything else is breastmilk. Feeding is going so, so well and I'm so glad we did baby-led weaning with our girl. She's thriving, growing, and she loves so many of the foods we give her.

Sleep:  Tatum is still such a perfect sleeper and we are 4/4 in that department! She still co-sleeps, sleeps a solid 11 or so hours at night and she's got two long naps during the day and sometimes one right before dinner (bit of. a cat nap now). We've been going through a teething dilemma the last couple of days and that resulted in a little shift in the schedule for the night but those types of situations are not the norm and are very isolated. The last couple of weeks we've been going to the YMCA and Tatum will talk for a bit and then fall asleep in the carrier. The Lillebaby carrier -- 10/10 will always recommend for parents that are on the go and need to keep their babies content and happy. 

Milestones:  Where do I even start? Tatum is full-blown crawling. No mistake! She is everywhere. She's crawling, she's pulling up on everything, and she's standing up without assistance for a little bit at a time. Lots of change, right? Tatum is currently sporting SIX teeth with two more sprouting out of her top gums. I can't believe it. In a month's time, she's grown SO very much!  She walks with assistance (usually mom, dad, or big sister holding on to her hands) and can easily put one foot in front of the other with ease.  Tatum has mastered her toddler cup for water and her dancing skills are even more impressive this month than last. 

Things You Like:  Tatum, watching you play on the floor with your toys -- exploring every sound, rhythm, or color... it's amazing. You love to play in your room with your toys and you enjoy it when your siblings join you. You like being held more lately... similarly to how you did when you were in your younger infancy days. I think it's due to teething but I love your snuggles and I welcome them always. You still enjoy when you are read to when your feet are being kissed and/or tickled, and the time you have with your daddy lately is absolutely precious and I love watching you light up when he enters a room. 

10 glorious months. I still can't believe we are so close in the countdown to having a one-year-old.

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