Olivia Rose: SIX YEARS OLD

Friday, January 21, 2022

Our insanely caring, intelligent, beautiful girl is SIX.

In the blink of an eye with this girl. It has always felt like a blink of an eye. I have so much to share this year and so much to say about our girl. I have never been more impressed with the adaptation of this child. It is admirable. 

Olivia, my sweet Olivia... you started kindergarten this year and it has been absolute magic to watch you grow. You are spelling out words because you know all of your letter sounds, you are absolutely killin' your sight words, and you have found new ways to problem solve in a social group outside of our home. You are thriving, per your usual, and per my usual... I am just beyond impressed with you. I love that you have Ava with you at school. Hearing about all your hallway passing, big sister walking little sister to her class, and general comfort because Ava is there, eases my mind entirely. I know sometimes you wish you could do all the things Ava does. Since the moment you could talk you've always told us, "I want to do what Ava is doing. I want to be Ava's age" and you continue to give her (and all of us really) a run for our money. You always want to learn something new, master a new skill, and really dive into all the big kid things -- and sometimes, I look at you, and I wonder where my baby went. Your hair has grown down your back, you've already lost some teeth in the past year, and you're nearly out of the little girl shoe section. 

You love to cook and you love to be in the kitchen with me or daddy and it's been the best thing ever. You make me want to cook new things in the kitchen because I know how eager and excited you are when we include you. You make our family laugh (sometimes, well most times, not even on purpose), you remind us of how important our family unit is, and your empathy for others runs deep. Especially with those you don't know. You care about how people feel, what they are going through, and often brainstorm ways to help. The way your mind reels in thought is also something that marvels me. You ask the most interesting of questions and often they require research on my end. 

The way you love your siblings is a sight to see -- especially where baby Tatum is concerned. This time last year all you could do was talk about the new baby and all the things you guys would do together --- I'm happy to report that all of your predictions came true! You have made so many beautiful memories with your baby sister and you are an awesome sibling to her. You nurture like a mother hen, and you love making Tatum laugh or snuggling with her. 

I hope you know how much of this family is glued together by YOU. You remind me so much of myself and while not quite a matriarch, you have the makings of such a strong force. To be loved by you is an out-of-this-world feeling and I couldn't be more grateful to be your mama. Loving you, parenting you, watching you grow -- it's the best time of my life.

Happy Birthday, my anniversary babe. I can't wait to delight in your next 365 days around the sun. 



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