Liam Arthur: Allergist Update

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

 Our boy is allergic to nearly all nuts + tree pollen.
After that peanut incident in December, I knew we needed to seek out a specialist so we could figure out if Liam was indeed allergic to peanuts. I also knew that there was a chance that they'd flag him for allergens somewhere else along the tree nut line but I never imagined that he'd have an allergy to nearly every tree nut (minus a couple) and TREE POLLEN. Last summer Liam would break out and get these puffy, swollen, red eyes. I automatically blamed pollen and allergies... but now we know why his reaction was SO severe. Living so close to a wood line and SO. MANY. TREES. Of course! I feel so terrible that we didn't have him tested with an allergist sooner. Now we've had two out of our four tested and while Ava didn't have any allergies, we now know to be on the lookout for our other children. Since visiting with the allergist, we've implemented a daily medication Liam can take any time he's outside. I'm pleased to report that it works and his breakouts are either nonexistent or barely noticeable when he's outside. I don't love the idea of giving Liam medication every day for the rest of his life...

I also find it very strange that his allergies populated while in our current region and never before? Justin and I were talking about this quite extensively. Liam has been camping, on mountain tops, and has spent the better part of his life *outside* and around trees, always. It's just so strange. Now that we are in this space of knowing and we have a plan of action in place, I'm just glad we can be proactive and ready. Liam's peanut allergy was more on the serious side so the allergist did prescribe an epi-pen and I've never been more thankful for our insurance. The price attached to a medicinal NEED for many is so heart-wrenching. No one should ever have to choose between paying for something that could potentially save their life if need be and some other necessity in life. 

The allergist told us to have Liam tested again in a year. Apparently, these types of allergies could be outgrown as Liam grows? I really want to talk about having allergy shots given to our son. It's available, the recommended age is 5, and it might be beneficial for our son in the long run. I've had many, many people reach out with their own allergy struggles and if we can prevent or decrease discomfort for our little boy, I think we need to try. The success rate for the shots is really, really good. Our insurance company covers them and Liam is not too far off from the age they recommend. I just appreciate that there are some options here. A win for modern-day medicine and allergens I suppose. I'm curious to see where this journey is a year from now and what measures we decided to take for our baby boy.

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