Pregnancy Moment

Monday, February 11, 2013
I'm up late AGAIN tonight. Whenever I go days without hearing from Justin, I get restless. Communication has been wonderful during his deployment, but when It's scarce, I tend to worry more. I try not to let it get overwhelming due to pregnancy. On a happy note I actually had a great Monday. I got Ava's travel system in the mail AND I assembled it by myself. Granted, it wasn't too difficult, but considering I am no where near a handy woman, this was a step up !

The travel system matches her bassinet/pack and play

Okay back on the subject of my post title. I also got my Medela manual breast pump in the mail today. I got curious about the size of the breast shield so I decided to give the pump a try, a few seconds later, fluid actually starting coming out !  I am only 25 weeks 5 days, I had no idea lactation could start this soon, especially since I haven't had any leaking issues in my pregnancy thus far. Apparently it's normal. I just didn't expect it. Definitely a pregnancy moment for the baby book.  I also got Ava's first set of ballerina shoes in the mail today. I don't usually order off of websites like Etsy, but my skepticism was put at an ease when i received these in the mail today:

We are going to use these ACU printed ballerina shoes as a part of her newborn photos ! I am so excited. 

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