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Monday, March 4, 2013
Deployment has given Justin the motivation and push he wanted to become even healthier and stronger. A lot of the soldiers keep saying I won't recognize him when he comes home. He's over 6 percent under his body fat, he's lost 17 pounds and he has got some extreme muscle definition going on. Keep in mind my husband has never been a big guy and he stands at 5'6.  So seeing him on video or skype literally causes my jaw to drop. He's eating differently (out of his control due to deployment) which is not necessarily a bad thing and he is at the gym anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours a day.  He has expressed to me how great he feels. He feels healthy, he looks great and this is a habit he is going to continue once he's back in garrison.
I am so proud of him for setting personal goals for himself. He had a plan and he's executing it. Having a healthy spouse is perfect motivation for me to be healthier. Due to pregnancy I am not able to exercise or cut back with certain things because of our growing girl. Even after Ava arrives I have to be careful. Losing too much weight or cutting too many calories can effect my milk production.  

I'd like to start out with small steps over an extended period of time and see results occur that way. It's not about physical images for Justin and I. We want to expand our lives. The healthier we are the more optimal we are for living long lives. Health also plays a big role with the Army. Soldiers get taped, weighed, and participate in physical fitness tests on a regular basis. Failing a test, can result in a discharge from the Army if the habit were to become frequent without change.

                                               Army Fitness Calculator

I'm glad Justin has found a personal goal that is really rewarding for him while he's overseas. It's not the weight or the muscle definition I'm shocked most by. It's the motivation, determination, and dedication. Healthy living is usually a New Year's resolution that most people tend to stray from one month in and forget about. This change has proven to show how disciplined my husband is. A disciplined soldier is the best kind of soldier ! 

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