Thursday, March 7, 2013
This week has been the best week I have had since I said goodbye to my husband the day he left for deployment. Family makes everything better. While this is not always the case with every family member or every family. It sure does serve to be true when it comes to my older cousins. This week has completely flown by due to having such a great time. Each day we come home after festivities and I am exhausted and ready for bed. There's no boredom. I'm not focused on time, and I'm getting a full night's sleep. I didn't think my 22nd birthday would be so fantastic without Justin home (with the exception of being 29 weeks pregnant today) But, If I had to pick what my day would be like it would be exactly how today played out. My Birthday started with Justin. Communication alone is enough to put me in a good mood. After a delicious breakfast I received these at the front door.

I got a few balloons and the sweetest note placed inside my flower arrangement. I was able to talk to Justin again during the day and he continued to encourage me to make today a great day. I spoke with family, my in-laws, and close friends with their wishes of Happy Birthday. After an afternoon of three women showering, applying make up, and fixing our hair, we managed to make our way out the door and off to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina we went.

We went to Coligney Beach. That pure blue water was breathtaking, as it always is for me. Despite the sights, it was freezing ! Weather lately has been much colder than expected. My cousins were down here last year around this same time and I remember it being scolding with heat. The cold weather is the only disappointment we have faced this week. After getting some cute pictures, walking alone the beach, and wriggling toes in the sand, we were off for our dual birthday girl dinner. ( my cousin Loriann and I share the same birthday) She turned 23 years old today. There were a ton of choices to choose from in Hilton Head. My cousin Marquita, uses yelp as a resource to rate establishments pertaining to our area. So far this website has proven to serve correctly. Ratings, reviews, etc can be found on this website. Link provided below.

We ended up having dinner at the Smokehouse in Hilton Head. The customer service was exceptional. The food was delicious. The prices were perfect for us. Family friendly, bar attached, and clean establishment. I plan on taking Justin when he returns home. Link is also provided below.

I topped the night with a slice of carrot cake ! So yummy.

We had so many laughs tonight, total relaxation, and most importantly we had each other. I can't wait for Ava to be able to experience trips like this with her cousins. Family should be incorporated into our busy lives whenever possible.


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