Tremendous Tuesday

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Today was the best Tuesday in the history of Tuesdays! I got some VERY exciting news today. News I am unable to share, but rest assure they are none the less amazing. I started my day off with my 30 week O.B. appointment. Ava is measuring a week ahead. Her heartbeat is so strong and she is active ! Her movements increase weekly. I love it. These next few weeks are going to be busy.

Why you ask? Because I signed up for every single class possible. I start my lactation home visits tomorrow (Super excited about that) I signed up for breastfeeding courses through the hospital where I will deliver, infant care classes, birthing classes, and group meetings with the Le Leche group of Savannah. A lot of women may find this tedious of me, but If anything, I'd like to be overly confident, prepared, and aware. 

I also attended an FRG meeting today. I have to say this was my first time going and actually feeling like it was worth my time. Very informative. For any military wife, do yourself a favor and don't let ALL the nasty rumors about the family readiness program keep you away. You can limit the amount of communication you receive and the amount of participation you are in. I can't say every single meeting is worth your time, but you can decipher that for yourself. You should be receiving a monthly email and/or phone call. Often times the emails are extensive at discussing what the FRG meeting will be about, which is nice. This evening I also received a baby gift from a friend of mine here at our military installation ! She is a wiz at gifting.

Ann purchased a diaper caddy. Love the paisley print. She filled it with a bunch of products from earth mama angel baby. If you are a new mama, currently pregnant, or have suffered a loss, give this company a look see. All organic products ! Great for baby and for you. Link provided below.

Inside this caddy I also received Ava's first book. I love how nursery appropriate the book was ( considering Ava's nursery is a ballerina theme) 

I read Ava this book before bed. It felt good to just talk to her and feel her kicking away. The bonding experience even while she's in my womb has been fantastic. I rub my belly, I sing to her, I talk to her, and read to her. I can't believe this week marks 30 weeks of pregnancy completed. Still in disbelief that I have this beautiful, growing, angel inside of me. 

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