30 weeks 3 days

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's weird to think that Ava has a sleep schedule even though she's not outside of the womb yet. I've been on the move a lot lately, so I don't usually notice a lot of movement until I'm stationary. My absolute favorite movement would be my 5 a.m. movement. I wake up due to my daughter kicking away. I love it. I just smile and cradle my belly. I tell her good morning and sometimes I even sing to her. This morning Justin skyped me. I took him for an updated tour of our daughter's nursery and showed him some of my recent buys. So I thought I'd share them with my readers.



Signature "C" Coach diaper bag. I've gotten a lot of interesting comments about this purchase. Yes, it is Coach. Yes I do love it. Was it a necessity to buy? Yes ! Ava is going to need a diaper bag. Was the brand a necessity? Obviously not. I bought this from the Coach outlet. Anyone who shops at Coach knows the offers at these outlets are incredible. I am very content with the price, quality, the fact that her diaper bag has a million pockets, AND the changing pad that was included. Not to mention if any manufacturing errors pop up over the next decade Coach will replace or fix them at no cost to me.                             

snappi's for Ava's cloth diapers 

Infantino baby carrier. I used reviews and feedback from other mommies to determine this buy. Not exactly sure how well it will work for Ava and I. But worst case scenario, I can return it. Very inexpensive buy.

Baby monitor. I have a few friends that have purchased the v tech two parent unit monitors. I've been able to see first hand how efficient they are. I'm confident It'll be a good buy for us. 

I'm really at the tail end of baby purchases. With the exception of her dresser and glider I only have crib essentials to purchase. Justin told me he wanted to assemble Ava's crib (so sweet) With him being gone and Ava co-sleeping with her bassinet, crib stuff just isn't a necessity to have in her first couple weeks of life.

These last couple weeks have been my favorite so far in my pregnancy. I adore her movement, her growth, and the continuous bond we share.

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