Baby wearing

Sunday, April 28, 2013
I've mentioned this in previous posts, but i really am starting to grasp why baby wearing is so important for mom's and babies. Some of the benefits that really pertain to baby wearing for me would be:

  • Promotes strong attachment
  • Lowers incidence of illness
  • Reduces crying significantly
  • Provides fathers with a soothing touch
  • Increases learning
  • Increases hormone levels 
  • Advances social development

Those are the key reasons why I want to baby wear. I am using a moby wrap with Ava. Tons of solid reviews and Dad friendly as well. All the information I have listed above can be located on the website. They have an exclusive page going into detail about the benefits and studies done with baby wearing. On the moby wrap website, they also give you full instructions of each wrap you can do. Just to list a few: newborn hold, hug hold, hip hold, etc. They come in all different colors and materials. I think it's definitely worth a look see for new moms or moms that want to try a different parenting route with their next child. The wrap goes from 8 lbs - 35 lbs, so even if you want to start baby wearing when your baby is a little older, it wouldn't hurt when you weigh all the benefits it brings. 

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