Bring on the rain.

Monday, April 1, 2013


This morning has been far better than last night. Thank the lord for that. I woke up still feeling a bit frazzled and immediately after accessing this, Justin calls. The man has impeccable timing. He talked to me, comforted me, and by the end of our conversation, last night became a distant memory in my battle to defeat deployment with my sanity in tact ! Aside from my husband and his prodigious love for me, there is another reason for excitement today. April has finally arrived, thus reminding me that my daughter will be here next month. Containing my excitement is out of the question at this point. I feel like there is still so much I have to do and this is a good thing, because time is on my side. These last couple weeks I have been going back and forth with Ava's middle name. Originally it was going to be Ava Leilani... I want her to have her own identity, while I love the name Leilani (clearly I'm bias) I felt like Madeline was a better fit. Which is why after long deliberation, Papa H and I have decided to name her Ava Madeline. It really is a sweet name, and I doubt when she arrives there will be any other way to describe my precious girl. Due to the ominous Georgia sky, I have a feeling it's going to pour and thunder today. So today will be a productive day, indoors. Here's my attempt at a virtual list 1. I need to go through my amazon cart and make my final purchases for Ava, 2. I have to think of a kick ass theme for Justin's final care package. His birthday is May 2nd, and deployment isn't going to stop me from making his 23rd as marvelous as I can. 3. I also need to start washing my pudding pop's baby clothes and cloth diapers. Since I want her in cloth from day one, I want everything prepped and ready for use. On that note, everyone go make today optimistic and successful ! I've got 90's music blasting and I'm ready to confront Monday. 

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