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Friday, April 26, 2013
Can I just say I LOVE cloth diapers. After prepping my pre-folds, covers, and cloth wipes, I realized how easy the washing process really is. When I ordered my orange edge newborn pre-folds ( 100% cotton) from greenmountaindiapers it came with a four step prepping process pamphlet. The pamphlet has all kinds of information about detergents, stains, etc. After the prepping process my pre-folds came out super absorbent and ready to use.

The steps I used were:
  1. In a cold wash, use one teaspoon of detergent and wash cotton pre-folds
  2. In a hot wash, use one and a half teaspoons of detergent and wash cotton pre-folds
  3. Dry cotton pre-folds on the normal setting
  4. repeat steps 2 & 3 twice more, remembering to dry in between washes. 
I used rockin green detergent in my HE washer and dryer. Even with the eco friendly system I use, the amount of water was perfect. I immediately started practicing different types of pre-fold techniques and I found a video that helped me tremendously ! She goes over a bunch of different prefold, folds. The newspaper, angel wing, jelly roll, etc. 

My favorite right now is the angel wing fold, apparently great for newborns !

pre-folds do require covers, I just didn't add them in my photos. Also, snappi's are great. I thought I was going to have a difficult time attaching them to the diapers. No problem at all. I'm excited to put my cloth to use. A good friend of mine reminded me of how important cloth really is to me. I will be cloth diapering from Ava's first diaper in the hospital. With the arrival of my daughter will come sponsored reviews on certain pocket diapers, vlogs about a day in the life of cloth diapering a newborn baby, and other little tid bits I pick up along the way ! 

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