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Thursday, April 25, 2013
It's 5 a.m. and instead of sleeping I am up snacking on leftover macaroni and cheese. It's true what they say about pregnancy cravings, when you are craving something, it's best to just go get it ! I laid in bed for about ten minutes thinking about it before I actually got up. I bet you're probably wondering why I'm even up this early, right ? The answer would be my husband. Needs of the Army was the reason for a 4 a.m. call. I have to say his dedication to his Army goals are such a motivation for me. He never complains, even when he faces really hard days. He doesn't make excuses for short comings and he strives to be better every single day. I really hope our daughter carries on some of those strong characteristics.

Speaking of which, I'm 36 weeks pregnant today and I'm three weeks away from the induction date my o.b. gave me. I have another growth scan for Miss Ava in just 5 days, I'm anxious to see how much bigger she's gotten. I've been thinking a lot about my pregnancy this past week. I keep coming to the thoughts of how miraculous this journey has been. Pregnancy is the most natural feeling I have ever felt. A few things I haven't listed on my blog that I've done during my pregnancy that have been really great milestone reminders are:

  • downloading the baby center pregnancy app for weekly updates
  • maternity photos
  • writing letters to Ava

As promised, here are a few photos from my maternity session:

My three main goals these next few weeks are: 
  • small work out regiments. I walked 1.17 miles yesterday and did a few reps in the weight room. I want to tighten and prep my body for labor the best I can.
  • redeployment is coming up ! taking the necessary steps to help for a smooth home coming for Justin. 
  • NO STRESS. I can't even stress this enough, ha ha. I made a funny, but seriously no stress. I have some final decisions to make about my L & D plans but other than that, I'm trying SO HARD to keep my stress levels down. 

Alright, It's now 5:30 a.m. I need to get back to sleep. It's just been awhile since I've updated so I thought when falling back asleep seems impossible what better way to use my time than to blog ? Have a Fabulous Thursday blog readers !

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