Ava Naomi: Birth Story

Monday, May 20, 2013
My little girl has finally arrived! After 12 hours of active labor, a threatened c- section, and an hour of solid pushing. Ava weighed 5 lbs 11.4 ounces and she was 19.25 inches long. These last three days have been surreal and filled with all kinds of emotion. I wanted to write this and get it posted before I forgot or didn't have the time. I want to put it out there for everyone that has continued to ask, I will NOT be posting Ava's birth story. So many factors occurred over my laboring experience, some things I'm even modest to say, so since I can't express the entire experience, I have opted to keep it a private one. I will say from first glance, Ava, without a doubt became my life's greatest joy. The connection you feel with your baby during pregnancy is nothing compared to the first time they are placed in your arms, or the first time they cry. The first time I heard Ava cry, I immediately started bawling.

We had an immediate connection, a "love cocktail" and her daddy had one as well. Justin was able to skype during my entire laboring process. Even with Justin being deployed, I still wouldn't have changed a single factor of how Ava was brought in to the world. Both of her parents were able to see her and coo over her right from the start. We spent two days in the hospital and from first latch, Ava nursed like a pro. I tried breastfeeding her for the first time within the first two hours of her life. On day two of life, she cluster fed a ton, So I was breastfeeding every hour or so.

Even with her being an IUGR baby she passed all her newborn tests with flying colors. She did however have a slight case of jaundice ( pretty normal in newborns) my poor girl spent part of her second day of life screaming in a bili-bassinet over the course of twelve hours. I was only able to take her out for thirty minute intervals to feed her and change her. I won't lie, I ended up doing a lot of skin to skin and soothing that lasted longer than thirty minutes.

Luckily, her bilirubin levels went down and we were both discharged from the hospital and able to go home. 

Once we got home I felt a bit overwhelmed. Ava was fussy and she hadn't really acted this way during the hospital stay. After I'd gotten her to nurse and go down for like thirty minutes, I read a "new mom" book given to me in the mommy/baby unit. Man oh man, did that book give me comfort. On the second or third day of life babies take in more breast milk or formula, and they may experience gas pains as a result of the beginning digestive process. Even though gas is a normal byproduct of digestion, it can cause discomfort for babies. BINGO. I'd purchased little remedies gas relief prior to Ava's birth, so I gave her the recommended dose and shortly after, she pooped and got some relief. NO more fussy baby! Around 430 a.m. today my breast milk came in ! This just marked another milestone in motherhood for me. Milk actually dripped from my breast down to my stomach while I was feeding Ava on the opposite side. I was in disbelief. When I woke up to Ava crying, I was lying on my chest. My breasts were extremely uncomfortable, but I didn't think it was due to my milk coming in... Well I was wrong. I've been applying earth mama angel baby nipple butter for breastfeeding mama's! It has worked wonders and Ava enjoys the taste. A few other things I had to adjust with my parenting plan for Miss Ava at the moment, cloth diapers. My little girls is small and my cloth doesn't fit her correctly. The covers were digging into her legs from being pulled in too tight and the pre-folds are bulky and loose on her. I will be using disposables until she packs on enough weight to use my cloth diapers (she's in preemie sized diapers) and I'd never thought to invest in preemie cloth. Also, a word about "co-sleeping" During our hospital stay, I allowed Ava to sleep with me in the hospital bed on a couple different occasions. I didn't want her in my bed when we got home, I wanted her in her bassinet next to my bed. With the exception of a ten minute nap in my bed, she has successfully been sleeping in her bassinet alongside our bed. Other than that, everything else has gone accordingly. I am open minded about pretty much everything though. You really don't know what you're are going to be up for or willing to adjust until your baby actually arrives.

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