2 months in

Saturday, July 13, 2013
Can't believe I'm already writing one of these so soon.It's insane how things can change so drastically in just four weeks. Ava has developed so much more, she's smiling ALL the time! She's talking to us more everyday, she sleeps in 5-6 hours stretches, I'm just floored with how quickly my little sprout is changing. I have fallen in love with a handful of different Ava essentials these last four weeks:

  • Ava LOVES to be swaddled. I didn't think I'd prefer an actual swaddler over a receiving blanket, but I do. She doesn't get overheated, it's not too tight on her, and you can buy the swaddler in different sizes to better fit baby. I bought a couple of these off of amazon and they are great! I really don't know why we didn't use these from day one. 

  • My moby wrap! I absolutely love it! Justin and I have opted for attached parenting methods, this is just a part of it. It's great to be able to move around while having Ava be so content. She can hear my heartbeat, she's on my skin and more importantly she's happy. There are a dozen different types of holds you can do with this wrap and it's daddy friendly!

  • Fisher price cradle and swing. This is personally not my favorite Ava essential, but Justin loves it. It does help stimulate her, that's a plus. We tried to use this when she was maybe 2 weeks old and she hated it. I think we tried again at 6 weeks and she seemed to be fond of it. I will say, I like how you can change which position they swing in, the mobile, and the different kinds of music options. She'll fall asleep in this swing and make cooing noises at the mobile. If we have to put her down for a split second, this is my go to. 

  • I finally started pumping this week. The medela single electric pump is the one I FINALLY ended up with. I LOVE IT. This is not the pump for women who plan on pumping ALL  THE TIME. I'd say for pumping three or four times throughout the day, this pump is perfect. I bought medela storage containers for it and I've been filling them full and storing them for my freezer stash. I don't solely plan on bottle feeding Ava, In fact Justin mentioned last night, that he only  wants to bottle feed while we are on the go. 


 I realized as Miss A continues to grow her needs are going to change. I think that's pretty much a given. My little girl is healthy and thriving. She had her well baby appointment on Thursday and she did better than her mama. I bawled my eyes out from before vaccinations were given and well after we were in the car. She cried for a couple minutes after the shots were given, but once she reached daddy's arms, she was fine. She got fussy again when we were waiting for her prescription of Tylenol, but I nursed her, and she was fine after that. She hasn't had any swelling, she hasn't cried since her shots were given, and she hasn't ran a fever.  She is truly a champ! She's 9 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long, definitely growing! Ava continues to be such an easy baby. No excessive crying, she sleeps so well, and she definitely knows mommy's and daddy's voices. Here lately I've had a couple women commend me on how "great of a mother I am" I've got to tell you it feels good, hearing things like that! Ava's my first baby and I was SO SO nervous about everything prior to her arrival. Right now, I feel very confident. I am finding out what kind of mother I am everyday and I'm proud of my findings. 

Always keeping in mind one of my new life mantra's...

 - I am not managing an inconvenience, I am raising a human being. 

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