Monday, July 1, 2013
I know, I know. I write about him a lot. What can I say, he's kind of a big deal. Tonight he reminded me of all the reasons why I said yes two and a half years ago. If you were to meet my husband, the first thought that would come to mind would either be, he's cool... or he's down to earth. Both true. You would never guess he was a mushy gushy, romantic cuddle bug. Those types of behaviors he leaves reserved for me. Sometimes I wish people could see all that I do, but how special would that be? Tonight Justin is tied up at work (LOVE THE ARMY) the entire afternoon and evening, I keep getting random text messages from him. They all say: I love you so much it's crazy. I'm proud to be your husband. I wish I was home with you. You are the best mother to our daughter. You are my lovely wife. He's said all of those things to me before. I love it. But what I love more is the "just because" factor. I never have to FORCE him to do anything or say anything to me. He just does it, because it's Monday or whatever day. I don't remind him of my birthday, our anniversary, etc. He remembers. A lot of guys only feel it necessary to be extraordinary on the designated days throughout the year. Justin is extraordinary all the time. Nothing means more to me than a random act of sweetness from him. I honestly thought things weren't going to feel THIS GOOD for a little longer. Even though reintegration is a word I use less and less in this house, it's still happening. After seeing how I struggled the first month, I wasn't expecting to have our fiery love back on track so soon. I guess I underestimate our love at times. It's not generic. It's not replicated. It's our love. It's silly. It's romantic. It's honest. We are still considered "newly weds" and we haven't endured that 4,5,7,10,or 14 year storm that marriage allegedly presents, but I can say this... As long as we both wake up to one another each day, I can't see myself wanting to spend my life working or perfecting anything else on this earth (other than my faith in the lord of course) This man I have, man oh man. Thank you for always being exactly what I need honey.

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