Breast Mom Problems

Thursday, August 15, 2013
Ahh! I have a dilemma. I have continued to pump and store. (building up a freezer stash) I don't give Ava the bottle anymore (if we are going to be out more than 6 hours in a busy place, I do) The problem is my freezer HAS SO MUCH breast milk and I am out of small storage containers. It's on my to do list, I really need to get that done. I feel like such a weirdo. This morning as I watched Justin get ready for his day, I studied him. I just paid attention to minor details. The way he always leaves a little soap on his face after a hot shower. The little drops of milk that hit his face while he eats his cereal, and the way he puts his tanker boots on. I really do love the smell of new, crisp tanker boots. I'm fond of our routine. Even without putting time limits on anything, we have developed our own groove. I love that feeling. Tonight I'm making a dish I have never made before. Chicken cordon bleu with a side of garlic roasted potatoes and a medley of veggies. Justin loves chicken cordon bleu, but I've never wanted to buy anything processed or store bought for him. I'm hoping it turns out delicious! All Recipes has never let me down.

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