You & Me

Friday, August 16, 2013
I can't believe it's the weekend ALREADY! It's going to be a busy one. Justin is getting some custom things done to his motorcycle, we've got a Savannah day ahead of us, and hopefully a beach afternoon if this weather holds up (SO SICK OF GEORGIA & IT'S RAIN) One thing I love about the weekends, other than Justin having a couple days off work, is our time. Ava goes to bed an hour or so before us, and sometimes it's nice. We have our couple time. It reminds me that things haven't changed all that much, even with our new addition. We still have our pillow chat, cuddle time, playing in the dark, stuff like that. It's still there. Tonight, for example, instead of going out with the guys, drinking beer and what have you, he's home. He's like, "Tonight is your night babe" I love that about him. He's got a great balance between guy stuff and family stuff. I think that's important. We both have our social lives with eachother and without eachother. There are a ton of things I'd rather be absentee with, you know, "guy stuff"  Well I'm off :) I forgot the whip cream for our home made banana splits! Off to the store I go! Enjoy your family this weekend guys! These are the times of our lives!

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